Friday, March 22, 2013

The Lake House 勻淨湖

Last weekend after our lunch at Chateau in the air, we visited the lake house. We enjoyed a coffee and tea outside a restaurant beside the lake which was located on the edge of a Mingde Reservoir in the hidden valley. This is by far the most amazing restaurant with the view in Miaoli County.
The Lake House is a French restaurant and B&B guest house. The decor inside the house is contemporary. Behind the glass windows allows the customer to dine comfortably and yet be close to nature. The outdoor garden is definitely the place to sit for afternoon tea. We were given the menu and we was surprised to see that only one afternoon set meal for NT$450. So we almost have the same order. However the les desserts theme already include a small portion of snack. If you are coming here for lunch and  dinner there are some several  dishes to choose from.
 We were stuffed when an assortment of desserts arrived at our table was a mousse cake, pates de fruits, madeleine cake, fruit cake and chocolate. They were absolutely looks delicious!
The next plate arrives was a 3 hors d’oeuvres with chicken salad served in tiny glass.
Our drinks finally arrive, I'm opted for the hot cafe au lait lately, the robust flavors being brewed it's very fine and divine.
For my daughter was a refreshing fruits tea.
The other drinks it seems to enjoy my boys was a iced cafe au lait as it’s rich and creamy! Overall, we like this place it’s always nice to discover new places and as it has what we need to take a break and be close in nature. If you want charm, atmosphere, amazing service and above all is the food. I recommended this place in Miaoli and is best tackled by car. Definitely we will back again for lunch meal after I recover in something that I might not able to spent time eating outside for a months.
 The Lake House 勻淨湖
No 112 Shipin Li, Joulan Town Miaoli County
Tel No: 04-25899900

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Jennifer @ WanderingSeoul said...

Great post and photos! I just love your blog, especially your Europe and Taiwan entries! :)