Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tandoor Indian Restaurant, offering authentic Indian cuisine. I've never had Indian foods before? The only thing I know is by watching Travel and Living channel introduced Indian Culinary Cuisine with Bobby Chinn. It is our first time to eat Indian foods and is surely spicy, The biryani and lamb vindaloo that it would blow my mind. There are different kind of spices and flavours most are more spicier than Thai foods. The naan that is served, fresh out of the oven and it taste like heaven, the chicken tandoor it was great. The service is fast and  the owner is very friendly. However my husband he didn't like the Indian foods, specially the gulab jamun it taste like Cerelac a kind of instant baby food powder. However I will recommend this restaurant for those who is seeking the real  culinary of Indian  foods in Taipei.
Masala papadam
Vegetable samosa
Chicken tandoori
Chicken madras
Prawn madras
Lamb biryani
Lamb vindaloo
Garlic naan
Poori and roomali roti
Gulab jamun is for dessert
Masala tea
10, Lane 73, HeJiang St. (Tienmu) Taipei
Tel no: (02) 2509-9853/2505-4870

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Dynasty Hong Kong Restaurant

We discovered the awesomeness of Sweet Dynasty it happen when we are looking for a place to eat  in Breeze Center. Sweet Dynasty this is a restaurant which is a specialist in Chinese desserts to taste the real of Cantonese cuisine. Or as we can says this restaurant is a kind of mixing every type of Hong Kong foods. Also serves a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes such as nice dimsum and great dessert, clean, efficient, with lots of selection and tasty food.
Cha or tea
Fried rice with salted duck egg and shrimp
Steamed minced pork roll
Sweet and Sour spare ribs
Steamed sweet buns
Steamed sweet buns
Mini Wrapped glutinous chicken rice
Chicken paw with spare ribs
Noodle with special briskets
Mushroom and fried turnip cake
Shrimp dumplings in soup
* The delectable dessert*
Cold tofu with strawberry and sweet sauce
Sweet glutinous rice balls dumplings with peanuts and walnuts powder
Brown sago fresh lily bulb with tofu pudding
Tofu with fresh slices of melons, and strawberries, herb jelly served in a bowl which seemed to be overflowing with dry ice sublimation vapors. It looks lovely and it tasted divine.
Sweet Dynasty
Breeze Center Taipei Taiwan 39, Fu Hsing (Fuxing) South Rd, Sec. 2

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kaffee Amadeus

After lunch from Vanessa Italian Restaurant in Hsinchu we headed to Taipie 101 for afternoon tea at Kaffee Amadeus. Its so nice that we can find a real and serious taste of Austria gourmet menu. And we order their traditional Austrian desserts and drink like: Parfait caramel, Kaiser Scharrn with plum sauce, Iced chocolate with choco split ice cream, Austrian ice wine. And me I had Wiener melange,Trio of strudel that I had in Barvaria in Germany last year and it become one of my favorite. Kaffee Amadeus is much about the experience as the taste and nowhere in middle of 4th floor at Taipei 101.
Trilogie Von Strudel a variation of three sweet strudel (Strawberry, blue berry and apple strudel a scoop of Rote Grutze ice cream)
Kaiser Scharrn with plum sauce
Parfait caramel
Wiener malenge
Iced chocolate with choco split ice cream
Kaffee Amadeus
No. 45, Shifu Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan 4th Floor, (Taipei 101)
Tel no: 02-8101-7625