Monday, November 30, 2009

Taiwanese foods from Sansia

Minquan Old Street
Before we headed to Manyueyuan Forest Park the Dongman hiking trail , we took a lunch break and enjoying the Taiwanese foods Minquan old street in Sansia Taoyuan at  business street built during the Japanese rule, it is a very well preserved example of Chinese and with mixed Japanese colonial architecture of the time. The street features stores selling art, ceramics, and local specialty foods  and the most notably delicious "Bull Horn Croissants" it comes in many flavors, as well as with ice cream.
 Taiwanese foods
Taiwanese sticky rice
Thinly sliced of braised belly pork
Noodles with minced pork in bean sauce
Hot and sour fish soup
Taiwanese wanton noodle soup
Hakka style turnip cake

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cafe Grazie Sol Hotel Hsinchu branch

Hsinchu best Italian restaurant with mixed authentic cuisine, Cafe Grazie is a reasonably priced Italian restaurant with good food. They have a group special set menu but we prefer the grand menu. Everyone can choose one entree, soup, appetizers, desert and either coffee, tea or any beverages. We spent for just NT$1450 already a good deal for 4 persons. Also is a good places for family and friends. But is not one of our top choice for Italian restaurant, let say the food is great but still cannot compare their pasta and pizza to Bellini. What we like the most is the new classic vanilla creme brulee it has a lot of improvement from their previous grand marnier creme brulee.
Casual antipasto
Oriental beef and shrimp roll
Deep fried catfish with mustard sauce
Grilled spicy chicken skewer
Fried Spicy Squid
Clam chowder, seafoods soup in Thai style, onion soup, minestrone soup with basil sauce
Main Entree's 
Swedish sausage pizza
Spaghetti pescatora
Spaghetti with vongole in white wine sauce
Vongole rosso linguine
Classic vanilla creme brulee
Chocolate cake with warm orange chocolate sauce
 Strawberry & white chocolate mousse cake
Cappuccino, charcoal roasted coffee, chocolate gelato sorbetti, iced caramel milk ceylon tea
Cafe Grazie
No.10,Wen Hua St., Hsinchu City,Taiwan
Tel no: 03-5437102

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tasty 西堤牛排 新竹

Let's enjoy Tasty Steak deals in set meals available for lunch or dinner. For just an average price you can have an 8 course meal its starts with appetizer 'shrimps and asparagus, 2 kind of antipasto selection of your choice 'Baked mushrooms with garlic and cheese + squared toasts and Cheese baked French bread with beef' salads, soups, sorbet before the main course arrived, the waiter/waitress will served a small shot glasses of a lemon yogurt refresher to cleanse our palettes , main course, desserts with drinks.  Tasty Steak is the only branch in Hsinchu, mostly its overcrowded because there are too many people to eat so you have to book in advanced to choose from comfortable table. I will recommend Tasty Steak if you are looking for a nice meals, whether it was good or not, sure tasted like it yummy. But if you always come here already not so special at all and this is was our 10th times I guess. But would loved to come back again later on after a few a months. 
Appetizer: Shrimps and asparagus lying in a bed of tasty yellow curry
Antipasto: Cheese bake bread with beef
Salads: Fresh shrimps with potatoes salad
Fruit salad
Soups: My husband choose the French onion beef soup
and three of us we have a Pumpkin soup with king oyster mushroom
 Italian fillet lamb chop
Roasted duck breast
Tasty steak
Steak and mixed sea food in Sicily style
Coffee chocolate cake
Vanilla ice cream in chocolate bag
French creme brulee
Lovely in simple presentation Panna cotta, compliments with drinks; Sapodilla mango smoothie, orange juice with lactic acid, granadilla orange juice, hot blueberry rose tea.
Tasty Steak full address: #231, No. 2F Linshe Road Hsinchu City, Taiwan (Linsen Road, four-dimensional intersection)Tel no: ( 03 ) 524-5522

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Afternoon Tea at Vanilla House

Perfect time to appreciate the flower for a simple afternoon tea at Sinshe Taichung. Actually I've never been here before, we just passed by then look around and asked to the boy in a gate. There's a lot of flower, and their main is the water lily. They offer a selected tea time set menu, not bad for outdoor tea time.

Fresh baked cookies
Cheese cake
Hot caramel machiato
Iced water lily fruit tea

Little Italy

Taichung's most popular Italian restaurant is located 106-Wuquan West 4th Street Taichung near Art Museum. Italian ambiance with 2 floor building with wooden rafters, faux fireplaces, patterned wallpaper, vaulted doors, warm lighting and Italian music. Little Italy's menu, focused on Italian dishes, but on our second time to dined here. We try their special fresh homemade tiramisu and its not so special as on my opinion a bit sour it has a strong taste of sour mascapone cheese. But in overall their meal is quite typical Italian. If you are looking for nice appearance and decorative and very pleasing Italian atmosphere in Taichung. I strongly recommended Little Italy and make a reservations in advanced because their are famous in this place.
Salad of the day
Salad of the day "Chicken and potato chowder"
 Main Entrees
Stromboli "Stuffed with chicken, mushroom, sausage and mozzarella cheese"
Linguine with chicken and mushroom creamy sauce
Linguine with scallops and mixed seafood in tomato sauce
Pear tart with vanilla ice cream
Blueberry pie
Swiss mocha coffee
(04) 2372-6463
#106 WuQuan West 4th Street, Taichung City