Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Italy

Taichung's most popular Italian restaurant is located 106-Wuquan West 4th Street Taichung near Art Museum. Italian ambiance with 2 floor building with wooden rafters, faux fireplaces, patterned wallpaper, vaulted doors, warm lighting and Italian music. Little Italy's menu, focused on Italian dishes, but on our second time to dined here. We try their special fresh homemade tiramisu and its not so special as on my opinion a bit sour it has a strong taste of sour mascapone cheese. But in overall their meal is quite typical Italian. If you are looking for nice appearance and decorative and very pleasing Italian atmosphere in Taichung. I strongly recommended Little Italy and make a reservations in advanced because their are famous in this place.
Salad of the day
Salad of the day "Chicken and potato chowder"
 Main Entrees
Stromboli "Stuffed with chicken, mushroom, sausage and mozzarella cheese"
Linguine with chicken and mushroom creamy sauce
Linguine with scallops and mixed seafood in tomato sauce
Pear tart with vanilla ice cream
Blueberry pie
Swiss mocha coffee
(04) 2372-6463
#106 WuQuan West 4th Street, Taichung City

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Anonymous said...

I saw your post me & my friends we ate here before. We held our graduations party it was great. Yes the tiramisu I think it was the most worst tiramisu I ever had but in over all the peach tart is great and the food also*** Greeting from Taichung