Monday, May 31, 2010

四川段純貞牛肉麵 Beef Noodle Restaurant

We went to this place two days ago finally we got a chance to try the spicy beef noodles in Mainland China style. This newly opened beef noodles restaurant is become a popular in our place,,, fortunately we live just beside this restaurant but each day lunch or dinner is full pack of people waiting to be seated. The restaurant itself is clean and bright. It was bustling busy from the time we got there at 5:10 p.m they even got started yet.
While we were waiting for our beef noodles,,, we try their appetizer. Despite the colourful outlook, this  spicy shredded papaya salad certainly lacking the refreshing of texture and juiciness.
We was fortunate to get a really good plate of delicious braised peanuts for starter.
Charles and Claire had both the none spicy braised beef noodle. You have a choice of thin noodles or thick homemade noodles, and we both choose the thick noodles just add NT$10 cents.
I choose the spicy braised beef noodles it was really delicious! We tried many many places and we been in many beef noodles restaurants in town. This beats the others in every way, the soup is thick with beef flavor, with a hint of Chinese herbs, chili and pickled vegetable. The beef is chunky  it's very tender unfortunately non-spicy is not an option.
Beef brisket noodles, the flavor is indescribably good and the beef itself was very tender.
The wontons had pork fillings the sauce was spicy and we like the flavor a lot.
"Shuejiao or pork boiled dumplings" An order of pork dumplings, these are admittedly some of the best  we ever had. There was something very pristine about these dumplings, despite their juiciness. The homemade dishes are delicious, especially their noodles. I strongly and highly recommend this beef noodles restuarant and one of the best in Hsinchu.
四川段純貞牛肉麵 Beef Noodle Restaurant
No. 62 Wuling Road hsinchu City
Contact No: 03- 5408165/ 5748838

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ti Amo

The interior puts on the glitz, the lavish simple decoration and done up in the colours of the Italian flag. Ti Amo restaurant is nestled in the heart of Sam Min Road Hsinchu  City and serves up some of the Italian food. The menu is extravagant with lot of choices to choose from for the main course and less for the desserts.
It's our first time to visit Ti Amo on my husband birthday celebration last tuesday night,  as we arrived we were promptly seated, and within minutes the waitress brought us the soup of the day is the famous Italian vegetable soup is too bland and it serves with bread with garlic and herb butter it was pretty nice enough to us.
After soup we moved to the salad course, selecting the smoked salad and mixed salami with vegetable, it was light on the palate.
Mix salami with its round dots of fat with prosciutto.
For this time we try the pizza chef recommendation is the alla Vienesse pizza a combination of Vienna sausages and mozzarella cheese with lovely soft thin crust is also good.
Seafood tomato risotto rice it was bland. 
Spaghetti mushroom in basil creamy sauce.
Pumpkin dumpling with meat sauce, is quite delicious thats really unique so differently in so many dishes we ever had. 
Penne carbonara with cream sauce, salmon, egg yolk was a pasta cooked al dente with a rich sauce. A decent pasta but nothing very special.
The dessert it was disappointed, they only serve a 2 kinds of dessert: Movenpick ice cream and mango panna cotta.
Panna cotta
Lavender tea

After our meal we brought a chocolate black forest cake for our birthday celebrant. And it was a great night. The food quality was average, but at least was priced reasonably. Until then, you will just have to visit Ti Amo for a taste. I give Ti Amo Restaurant a very hearty recommendation to try their pizza. Credit cards and visa-master cards are not accepted.
Ti Amo Pasta & Pizza
No.95, San Min Road, Hsinchu City
Contact No; 03-535-1077

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lavender Cottage

After we stopped in Neiwan for a break we visit the Hsinchu hot spots is the Lavender Cottage. We drove to Jianshih the road began heading up in to the mountains, and up and up. There seemed to be never ending twists and turns. My initial impression of the place was that it was very neat and well maintained but also beautify the layout of some additional colorful mail box, flowers on the garden, fruits on the trees and gift shops is made of lavender. I lived in Hsinchu and  we are surrounded with mountain terrains and ocean, I never knew this place and accidently we discovered their sign board on the roads and when we arrived! very beautiful mountain view.
They even attached a colorful wooden mailbox is a bit like it’s styled to look like it’s fresh from the forest.
 The scent of lavender flower
A lavender gift toys
Gift products  for lavender-scented bath gels and creams and so on.
Scented dried mixed flowers
Classical county style kitchen
This building is the lavender forest cafe has such a mix of foods and yet its very expensive on my opinion. We order drinks only but there's nothing so special. Well, if you've driven past and kept going you have clearly made a giant mistake. Fortunately we don't spent our dinner here and headed back to the city. However I will recommend this place to anyone for those who loves the nature and mountain high terrain.
Tiramisu coffee
Black tea 
Organic fruit pulp
Black tea with rosemary and mint rose
Lavender Cottage
Jianshih, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Contact No: 03-5841193

Bella Bobi

Enjoying pleasant weather of Neiwan Scenic Area is encircled by tall hills and run through with Youluo River. We found the tranquil of Bella Bobi, This place offer such as coffee house-restaurant and D.I.Y gift shop are on the next level down.
The exterior is rustic and unexciting, but once you enter at the restaurant opens out to a very pleasant deck with umbrellaed tables. I like this area as it feels more to nature surrounded by cedar trees.
As we enjoy our afternoon break, we always had a waffle, this waffle just average taste with maple syrup but  somehow is pretty acceptable.
Chocolate waffle
Unexpected one!!! I ordered a Mexican baked cheese potato and when it came up a handful of doritos. I was been fool on the menu. I expect it was fresh baked potatoes with grated cheese on top. What a treat! I didn't come here for junk foods.
Baked tuna sandwich was delicious it serves hot inside-out  and crisp.
They usually have offers a nice of tea's, so great for afternoon tea.
 Duke milk tea it was great!
 Fruit tea
Bella Bobi 
Neiwan Hsinchu County

Amigo Latin Foods & Coffee

Amigo Latin Foods is the only restaurant in town in the heart of Hsinchu City. The idea is South American inspired soul food with tapas, Brazilian, Perunian, Chilean, Mexican like fajitas and quesadilla all served in a calm and nice atmosphere. The flexibility of the menu means that this is a great place to go on and have a affordable meal with friends or family. And there’s a good options, offers include a lunch and evening set menus and great deals on tapas dishes.
Our meal starts on our side order is the famous Tapas as a part of the meal, this albondigas tapas are usually cooked and served in a soup or stew with heaps of vegetables.
 Shrimp in garlic and lemon  tapas  "Gambas al ajillo"
Soup of the day
Salad of the day
 I ordered the empanada but I was unable to attest to the enjoyability of the empanadas. They had sold out of everything and I will be back soon! So I try the Mexican chili pork roll, it's very spicy but delicious.
Baked seafoods pasta will bell pepper
Spanish seafood paella
Mexican chicken fajitas
Vanilla caramel ice cream
Plain vanilla ice cream
Yerba  mate
The Amigo Latin themed food always tastes fresh, with predominantly sourced ingredients, and is great value for money. Friendly owner with Spanish accent, I will recommend this restaurant if you are seeking for Latin American foods.
Amigo Latin Foods & Coffee
No.51, San Min Road, Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5341511