Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amigo Latin Foods & Coffee

Amigo Latin Foods is the only restaurant in town in the heart of Hsinchu City. The idea is South American inspired soul food with tapas, Brazilian, Perunian, Chilean, Mexican like fajitas and quesadilla all served in a calm and nice atmosphere. The flexibility of the menu means that this is a great place to go on and have a affordable meal with friends or family. And there’s a good options, offers include a lunch and evening set menus and great deals on tapas dishes.
Our meal starts on our side order is the famous Tapas as a part of the meal, this albondigas tapas are usually cooked and served in a soup or stew with heaps of vegetables.
 Shrimp in garlic and lemon  tapas  "Gambas al ajillo"
Soup of the day
Salad of the day
 I ordered the empanada but I was unable to attest to the enjoyability of the empanadas. They had sold out of everything and I will be back soon! So I try the Mexican chili pork roll, it's very spicy but delicious.
Baked seafoods pasta will bell pepper
Spanish seafood paella
Mexican chicken fajitas
Vanilla caramel ice cream
Plain vanilla ice cream
Yerba  mate
The Amigo Latin themed food always tastes fresh, with predominantly sourced ingredients, and is great value for money. Friendly owner with Spanish accent, I will recommend this restaurant if you are seeking for Latin American foods.
Amigo Latin Foods & Coffee
No.51, San Min Road, Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5341511

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Kelly said...

Love your reviews on everything!! I'm here in Taiwan for the summer, so these food recommendations are wonderful! Thanks!! :DD