Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedgwood Tearoom

Painted in white and baby blue color the WEDGWOOD TEAROOM just on the 9th floor in the courtyard of Sogo, this floor there are a number of foreign porcelain counters or shops. Includes a 250 years old British classic old porcelain and the classic bone china tea set and tableware of Wedgwood. But also can enjoy the foods and British style afternoon tea.
We went for afternoon tea. The food was pretty decent for afternoon tea. The selection of finger sandwiches tasted fresh and had a nice mix of flavours. They do have high tea and sets for 2 person, its good to share include a selection of tea. When they bring you the high tea they take the time to explain what each yummy morsel is made of to complete the experience. 
The high tea comes with 3 tiers: sandwiches, mini scones and fruits, cream and jam, and then a selection of miniature tarts and cakes. Of the sweets offered, we enjoyed the ricotta cheese fruits tart type dessert very much and other number of sweet desserts like macaroon, chocolate cake and etc .
These scones serve with cream cheese and peach marmalade are fabulous and walk a fine line between a scone and a biscuit. The outside of the scone is crisp and opens to an incredibly light, tender, and buttery crumb and raisin so flavorful. Although we do like our sandwich fillings to be quite hefty!
They were slices of fresh fruits it was wonderful and helps with that sweet tooth!
Our teas arrive their delivery pegged according to the consumption of our teapot cocktails, and I had a  Wedgwood English apple tea it was lovely.
Claire pouring with a hint of assam tea.
We decided to just order one bread pudding and share it. This gave us all a little taste. The bread pudding  is soft and creamy texture it was very good.
Chocolate iced blend
Waffle serve with maple syrup.
The service was ok,value in regards to the food is just decent. And my daughter she was so happy to leave the room. Tips: Must come straight ahead to Wedgewood they do not accept a phone call reservations.
 Wedgwood Tearoom
9F, SOGO No.300, Chunghsiao E. Road, Taipei City

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