Monday, May 3, 2010

Teppan Izakaya

We've had the pleasure of eating here on both of my first visit at Teppan Izakaya. At this Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki restaurant, It's very small,,,which is very typical of restaurants in Japan too.. The restaurant however is not big at all with only a few small tables. The interior is a dark shade of brown and gives of a relaxed vibe. Side items like steak, and fried noodles, no sashimi, raw seafood cocktails or sushi here. However this is a nice place to slow down and have a long meal.
 Kimchi is a good start before the main meals
The special hot and then cold boiled spinach, topped with sesame sauce aroma.
Corn cola cake,,,im wondering why they  name this deep fried potato-corn as cola. But anyway  its taste so crispy and delicious with special Jap's curry sauce.
 Assorted seafood cake, very delicate texture and flavorful!
And now it comes to our favorite dish and not to be missed! Original Hiroshima Okonomiyaki in plain full of cabbage, black pork bacon, butter, eggs and noodles with special Japanese okonomiyaki sauce.
Doesn't this make you drool or what? Im still thinking about this food up to now! And its one of my favorite Japanese dishes since I had this meal in Tokyo. 
With topped of nori flakes, bonito flakes and mayonnaise it was wonderful.
Stir fry noodles with egg, it taste better than it looks!
Grilled mackerel
Pork bone and mushroom soup
And now for the dessert we try the "Wrapped banana crepe" a fragrant of sweet banana, slightly bitter chocolate sauce and ice cream.
Pudding-topped of green tea mochi serve with brown sugar sauce, full of flavor and milky eggs. It can guarantee a certain super delicious!
Ice cream
I have never had such a delicious okonomiyaki here in Taiwan and its hard to find a place like this! It was really, really nice and I would recommend it.
Teppan Izakaya
No 265 Dunhua South Road Lane 13 Section 2,
Daan District Taipei City
Contact no: (02) 2738-9171

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