Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Richforest Sun Moon Lake

Its been in a while since my last reviews. I know it's not the most appropriate to judge a place based solely a dine out. But I just can't get over how disappointing experience at RichForest Hotel just last Lunar Year.
The hotel looks nice in chalet or Westerners style building was lovely, being built of wood. The hotel has an outstanding location and situated in a beautiful location overlooking the lake.
When it comes to food we're very selected, they have many options to choose from. We though for the price of NT$3,200 set menu it was one of their best dishes serving for 4 people. At first we were serving the salad platter. The dish was very well presented, it had a ham and seafood with vegetables that served as the bottom layer.
Clay pot rice with Cantonese sausage is one of my favorite on that day.
Slow pork belly with steamed bun serve with preserved vegetable and peanut powder. These Asian style sliders are meant to be devoured.
Roll steamed fish serve with tofu and sweet bell pepper.
Stir-fry fresh mustard green with shredded scallop.
Pork spare ribs serve with broccoli.
Fried small shrimps in garlic and chili.
For the finale, we had a chicken soup with pork intestine and dates... I did not try this soup. I'm scared eating a black chicken, it looks so greasy and oily. Overall the food it wasn't delicious but the view from the restaurant it was breathtaking.
The Richforest Sun Moon Lake
No.31 Shueisiou St.Yuchih Township, Sun-moon Lake, Nantou Country 555, Taiwan.
Contact NO. 886-49-2850000