Monday, March 29, 2010

Bellini Pasta Pasta

My family favorite cuisine has always been Italian. We have always been partial to pasta and their pizza. This chain serves up hearty portions of fusion Japanese-Italian pastas and pizzas that are definitely large enough to share. It was a cozy restaurant where, at any given day the service would be present greeting with the customer. The ambience is that of an Italian cafe which is  nice enough with black chandelier, mirrors installed on the ceiling into a romantic modern setting and wall posters picturesque the great place and city of Italy.
Mixed vegetable salad with boiled egg and salami.
Italian garlic bread with chopped fresh tomatoes
Deep fried calamari
We enjoyed the minestrone soup, a beefy tomato broth with potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, etc.
My kids they didn't enjoy their corn soup, it was thick of creamy and taste of heavy milk. We preferred their mushroom soup.
We usually make it a habit to order the margarita pizza and seafood spaghetti. Margarita pizza here the crust is fairly very thin, the sauce is a a perfect balance of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.
 Spaghetti with mixed seafood in tomato sauce very flavorful too.
Risotto with chicken and mixed mushroom serve with cheese and soft boiled egg.
After this large and delicious dinner, we decided to share our dessert. We order this wonderful  tiramisu and   vanilla chesnut tart, it was more than enough for us.
Hot fruit tea
The food and service were excellent as always we come at Bellini Pasta Pasta in fact this is already our fifth times here and we have no any problem.
Bellini Pasta Pasta 
Breeze Center Branch
39, Fu Hsing (Fuxing) South Rd, Sec. 2, Taipei City

Jiufen The Food Pardise

Apparently re-visited the little village on a mountain, the place that everyone visits in Jiufen is the old  street where all the shops, restaurant and pedestrian food snack is located.
We we're here just to spend our lunch and re visited one of the best chinese restaurant of Jiufen called  戲夢人生.
Jiufen it’s a narrow street with endless choices and lots of peoples from locals Taiwanese peoples to Japanese and lots of tourist.
The reason why we are here is the steamed chicken flavor with none liquor. Seriously though, it was cold but I got used to it after eating this dish for many times and it's good and heavenly delicious.
This is the steamed goose soaked in wine and pineapple. it's alright, but I preferred the steamed chicken. I never did care much for pink coloured of goose or duck, I always go for the steamed chicken  ones.
Steamed shrimps with wine and ginger
The eggs were mild salty, though the radish added a nice crunch to the dish. And if you got here you should try this dish and steamed chicken.
As far as the soupy noodle, another signature dish of Taiwanese is the classic niu rou mian, or beef noodle. There's no chinese influence on this dish is very Taiwanese, the beef is tender and the soup is well-performed. The noodle also absorb the essence of soup flavor.
Chinese fried rice I was totally surprised by its tasted delicious.
 Mixed of mushrooms soup
We walked till the end of the street for the hilltop view before slowly exploring the dozens of tiny shops. As usual the shop that got our attention just before the elementary school is the most famous and where the glutinous yam balls in Taiwan was born.
One of the most famous dessert is the yam balls. They actually have yam balls of different flavors like taro, sweet potato, green tea and so on but I liked the sweet potato balls ones best for me.
I refused my husband not to buy a 4 bowls of this yam balls since i'm not a big fan of yam balls. But after we try and eat this tiny little ones. We attempt for second batch and it's too late for us so many people waiting outside the counter. And you should have to go back on line again and there's a couple of Japanese customers, and this yam store and factory is famous also in Japan. Yam it can be serve in cold or hot and different type of flavor it can be mixed with sweetened beans and condensed milk.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Very Thai Restaurant and Bar

On the first time we went in Sogo Tienmu, I saw a very Thai restaurant, its simple, bright decor. Very Thai is owned and same company of Thai Town. Thai cuisine is not only delicious and delicate, it has a strong flavor and offer a two kinds of rice to choose from; Taiwan or Thailander rice.
Spicy Thai chili sauce can access your own spicy taste.
Thai popular dish is the shrimp moon cake, crispy skin is not greasy, with the taste of sweet plum sauce, very tasty. It become one of my favorite for Thailander food and never been failed to have this on our table.
Thai chicken  or it can be pork barbecue serve with satay sauce and sliced of tiny cucumber in spicy, sour and sweet vinegar sauce. The sauce taste great and satay sauce itself is sweet with fragrant roasted smell.
Stir fry spicy beef: With ground beef, basil, garlic, small tomato, chili stir-made some sour flavor to the overall taste is not thin but quite tasty with strong scented smell of basil leaves.
The Thai style sausages are wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves and served with ginger slices, lemon wedges, red onion and chili peppers. But I didn't like that much, I expect it melts on the mouth and I prefer the longaniza.
 Mango pudding
Rubyfruit in coconut milk with crushed ice, is more likely the taste of Filipino halo halo special and very refreshing.
Banana roll with cheese serve with coconut ice cream, another incomparable dish but I strongly prefer the Filipino toron the deep fry banana roll with carmelized sugar. The Thai banana roll are ok but I didn't like the combination of banana and cheese flavor. I guess in every place it has their own version and unique flavor on it. However the dinner was great, the food, environment and the service still above the standard and remind you the Thai Town Restaurant.
Very Thai Restaurant and Bar
Sogo Tianmu, 8F, 77, Zhongxiao N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City
Contact no: 02-28310188

Bon Appetit Pizzeria Restaurante

Found this restaurant for quite a while, and just started only a passing curiosity. Interior decoration is the main tone brick red walls put a lot of old movie posters, from Charlie Chaplin to Audrey Hepburn, as well as the Wizard of Oz with the Sound of Music, do not have some nostalgic feeling. The store has a bar, and where the Italian chef to do pizza . Overall decor is quite small and feel very comfortable not an exaggeration.
First come a salad and serve in a large of bowl that anyone could share . The smoked salmon with yogurt sauce, accompanied by asparagus with orange petals, and taste particularly tasty. And followed by the corn soup and it was too milky it has no strong flavor of corn. The long bread is quite very nice and different from the other Italian restaurants.
The most satisfying margarita pizza we ever encounter.
Franco forte pizza, topped in tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, frankfurt sausages, spanish onion and bell pepper.
The sauce was better than most pizzareia's. And this will be the pizza place to kick off Bellini on our list.
Spaghetti with mixed mushrooms and herb is very rich in butter and herb flavor.
Baked seafood pasta
Traditional Italian coffee "Cappuccino"
Bon Appetit, serve only 2 kinds of desserts for lunch. Ice cream just average if we compare with other  Italian Gelato.
Last but not least the famous Italian dessert is the tiramisu.
The overall dining environment is still full of comfort but too noisy and over crowded of customers. The service is a bit disappointment on that moment. However if you are looking for authentic Italian pizza, pasta and a real tiramisu this is a good place to dig the Italian cuisine in Hsinchu. Every bite on your pizza will puff up the word bone up a teeth!
Bon Appetit Pizzeria Restaurante
No.72, Guangming 1st Road,  Chupei City, Hsinchu County
地址: 竹北市光明一路72號
Contact no:03-5584020

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainbow Roll Sushi

Rainbow Roll Sushi is a glam of American style sushi bar. Located at 8floor Sogo Tianmu offers a wide array of Japanese dishes, ranging from sushi roll, nigiri, temaki, sashimi, and so much more to choose on the menu.
There are plenty of delicious fusion style rolls on the menu and it's open for lunch or dinner. It combines flavors together into a single ingredients.
Original roll sushi assortment of four-Dragon roll, scallop with avocado and mayonnaise sauce roll, Nickson roll, Ikura and smoked salmon roll.  
Dragon roll is topped with with slice of grill eel, avocado and to finished with roe and what I think my favorite part is the mayonnaise salad dressing. The fish was fresh and they went light on the mayo.
Ikura and smoked salmon roll 
Scallop with avocado and spicy-mayonnaise sauce roll
 Nickson roll
Aburi salmon with wasabi-cream sauce
Rainbow style sushi tart, hits us with beautiful presentation and one of the best salmon sushi I've had.
 Deep fried Hiroshima oyster
Miso marinated salmon roast
Shredded yam topped with sea urchin, it's my first time to eat the sea urchin and its delicious.
Sea urchin with wasabi tamaki sushi and salmon-salmon roe tamaki sushi
 Boiled shrimp nigiri sushi
Miso and seaweed soup
Vegetable salad with japanese dressing
And for the desserts we had a vanilla kuzumochi very different from other mochi we ever eaten, it has a smooth texture of pudding and very delicious. And we never had a mochi like this before. I strongly recommend to try this one!
 Read bean soup with rice ball
The environment is warm. Everything we've eaten at Rainbow Roll Sushi has always been delicious, and the service is impeccable. I highly recommend it! And one of our top choice for Japanese food fusion.
Rainbow Roll Sushi
Sogo Tianmu, 8F, 77, Zhongxiao N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City
 Contact No: 02 2833 2555