Monday, March 8, 2010

Chianti Cafe 香提庭園咖啡

Revisited Chianti Cafe is a wonderful little place to spend an afternoon break. Beautifully and simplicity illustrated with color nature.
Wooded mountainsides and the simplicity of country life and peaceful surroundings. There is an array of pig and turtle live in the backyard.
Gardens even gets the country charm, sitting on the site of nostalgic town of Pingxi and indulging the fresh air overlooking the mountains and hills one of visiting tourist place in Taipei county.
I have to caught off for more introduction of this place called 'Chianti Cafe' and we had a wonderful time with  savor a satisfying coffee's and tea's.
Chocolate milk tea, assam milk tea, cafe latte
Hot mamba coffee
 Fruits waffle
Strawberry cake
Chocolate waffle
Chianti Cafe 香提庭園咖啡
Pingxi (Pingshi) Taipei County


Faye said...

I like the colours of your pictures. And the cafeteria it describe the real country style living. Thank you for seeing this page at Forumosa.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours.