Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainbow Roll Sushi

Rainbow Roll Sushi is a glam of American style sushi bar. Located at 8floor Sogo Tianmu offers a wide array of Japanese dishes, ranging from sushi roll, nigiri, temaki, sashimi, and so much more to choose on the menu.
There are plenty of delicious fusion style rolls on the menu and it's open for lunch or dinner. It combines flavors together into a single ingredients.
Original roll sushi assortment of four-Dragon roll, scallop with avocado and mayonnaise sauce roll, Nickson roll, Ikura and smoked salmon roll.  
Dragon roll is topped with with slice of grill eel, avocado and to finished with roe and what I think my favorite part is the mayonnaise salad dressing. The fish was fresh and they went light on the mayo.
Ikura and smoked salmon roll 
Scallop with avocado and spicy-mayonnaise sauce roll
 Nickson roll
Aburi salmon with wasabi-cream sauce
Rainbow style sushi tart, hits us with beautiful presentation and one of the best salmon sushi I've had.
 Deep fried Hiroshima oyster
Miso marinated salmon roast
Shredded yam topped with sea urchin, it's my first time to eat the sea urchin and its delicious.
Sea urchin with wasabi tamaki sushi and salmon-salmon roe tamaki sushi
 Boiled shrimp nigiri sushi
Miso and seaweed soup
Vegetable salad with japanese dressing
And for the desserts we had a vanilla kuzumochi very different from other mochi we ever eaten, it has a smooth texture of pudding and very delicious. And we never had a mochi like this before. I strongly recommend to try this one!
 Read bean soup with rice ball
The environment is warm. Everything we've eaten at Rainbow Roll Sushi has always been delicious, and the service is impeccable. I highly recommend it! And one of our top choice for Japanese food fusion.
Rainbow Roll Sushi
Sogo Tianmu, 8F, 77, Zhongxiao N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City
 Contact No: 02 2833 2555


radicchiodiparigi said...

Mi piace il sushi

Anonymous said...

hey everything looks so delicious.