Sunday, March 14, 2010

江之戶 日式料理 (Jiang's Family Japanese Cuisine)

This is still one of the cheapest and value for Japanese restaurant. I thought the quality of the meals is much less than the price. And I made my wrong impressions about this restaurant. Jiang's Family Japanese Cuisine is on busy street which is the street down from ample stores of selling night snack-Taiwanese delicacies from bubble tea to shiang ji pai-deep fry chicken steak, barbecue's and a lot more. And its close to  the schools and universities in Guangfu Road Hsinchu City.The waitress is kind will still constantly come and check our needs and pouring a  hot Japanese tea on our glasses.
Grill beef is very tasty
Deep fried tofu with bonito flakes is crunchy and soft in the inside and the flavor of the sauce is much better than the deep fry tofu of the Sixteenth Avenue. Actually I order for second round and I like it a lot.
Yakitori a mixed of grilled barbecue meats with chicken, beef and pork
Grill eel with rice
A bowl of rice serve with dried tuna and scallion in Japanese soup.

Sushi is quite simple and clean
Well the whole meal and the quality of the foods are not quite bad its generous variety of Japanese  meal standard maintains. I will recommend this place that anyone can afford it. And for the price just half than other Japanese food shop.
Jiang's Family Japanese Cuisine 
江之戶 日式料理
1F-No. 37, Jian-gong Road Hsinchu City
Contact no: 03-5750353

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