Sunday, March 14, 2010

Original Coffee

I still have a hang over from yesterday night.  Maybe, we drink the coffee late evening after our dinner in  Jiang's Family Japanese Restaurant. We couldn't resist not too try this coffee shop.
It's a new independent coffee shop in a nice neighborhood . Just open a few days ago, the environment was great in european decor.
But maybe a small place with only a few seats, but it serves up excellent fresh ground coffee for very reasonable prices and some are expensive.
By far the best and freshest roasted coffee in Hsinchu! I was so glad that it stand near on our area. I had been looking for a place to sip a cup of ground and  fresh beans for sometime when im not at home and finally found one. They have some type of the best beans from around the world.
I had a cup Kilimanjaro Tanzania it's very simple, but it really brings out the awesome flavor of the coffee beans.
A cup of Yemen Mattari
Iced cappuccino
If you're not a coffee drinker like my daughter, they also serve some various of tea.
Best place for a great coffee drink around Kuangfu Road area. If your are college student and coffee addicts this is a right place to sip a cup of coffee without too much milk and less fat. They pull real shots and make a great cup of coffee.
Coffee Original
Jian-gong Road Hsinchu City.
(Just beside Jiang's Family Japanese Cuisine
江之戶 日式料理)

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