Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tapas-1 Bar & Restaurant

Tapas -1 is definitely on the up, foodwise, apart from the buzzing street food scene. The food is wildly colourful very authentic Spanish cuisine perfect addition to any Spanish food adventurer. The restaurant offers  varieties of tapas, which are snacks or appetizers served Spanish style. We decided to plunge ahead regardless, ordering the lobster. So we choose the NT$3999 set course meal for 4. We shared 14 dishes compliments with drinks and sangria. Their sangria is tasty a little low on the wine content.
The restaurant décor is modern was relaxing, pleasant, casual wide open space featuring wooden tables and chairs, with a bar and a semi-open kitchen and surprisingly quiet despite the close proximity to the main road.
For the tapas or starters, a fried fish with olives, peppers and relish, an egg yolk shaped mango mousse, it pop up in the center and melt in the mouth.
I believe this is a menudo tripas that made of cow or pork intestine it was thick and tender tripe and tastes like caldereta, very delicious and my kind of comfort food.
Spicy paprika chicken with mushrooms, I thought this tapas was so fantastic and very tasty dish.
We were served a gambas al ajillo or shrimp in garlic was an epicurean delight, savory and satisfying.
The assortment of dry cured meats, comprised 4 slices each of spicy chorizo sausages, ham, salami, prosciutto and melon balls.
Tapas crostini was a lightly toasted bread topped with fried eggs, roasted bacon, cucumber with olive pate as garnish on the plate.
Tapas pimiento asado's, these sweet, tangy and slighty spicy was a good side dish. I wish had more garlic and olive oil.
Breaking the rules of tapas menu. We had a baked escargot with crostini, arrived at our table with great promise.
 Next up we were served each cup of pumpkin soup and cream soup. By this time we had asked  the staff stop the food coming every minute. Until we told them don't serve our main course so soon! So we were able to finish our appetizers. 
And a riot of a vegetables salad or caesar salad.
For the main course was a arroz caldo bogavante serve for four is a restaurant specialty was a slightly soupy rice dish with Boston lobster mixed through the rice. This is undoubtedly one of the most delicious rice dishes we ever had. It was fresh and delicious, the rice was properly al tende each grain separate from the other and redolent with the colour and had so much of saffron flavor.
An extra order of paella to share , again! The paella we chose was enjoyable had some fresh seafood loaded with shrimps, mussels, clams and small lobster and lots of flavour. The portion could probably stretch to accommodate pour people. Nevertheless the best paella dish we ever had and better than my paella.
They offered us dessert on the house which was a panna cotta I guess compliments with drinks of your choice. It wasn't spectacular. Overall the service was prompt, attentive and knowledgeable of all menu. The food was delicious, I definitely recommend Tapas-1.
No.273-1, Sec. 2, Gongyi Rd., Nantun District, Taichung City.
Tel No:04-2259-9829

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fu Mei Seafood Restaurant 富美活海鮮

This area is a popular stop for enjoying fresh seafood in Su-ao, where we enjoyed extremely fresh lobster. We first experience dining here when we celebrated the Chinese New Year. There is no menu on the table but they were having set meals. The staff will tell you that everything you need to know is right there in front of you. A water tanks containing fresh live sea creatures for your choices with specifying price by weight. Which type of seafood  do you want and how do you want it cooked, steam or stir fry, sashimi  and etc?
First dishes, which arrived simultaneously is a classic dish that combines flavors well and unique stir fry wild grown vegetables lightly flavored with ginger, black beans and small dry fish are very juicy yet fresh and crunchy.
Although the highlight dish is lobster, we ordered a Boston lobster for the price around Nt$1,500 appeared, steamed and served it on a bed of bean thread noodles in light and flavoursome soup. The lobster is very fresh and it melt in the mouth.
Next up is the sweet and sour scallops was very colorful and the photographs were visually delicious.
We selected a good-sized crab and this weighed in at just over NT$1,400. We ordered it steamed served with a vinegar dipping sauce.
This was the fish chose by my husband. A steamed seabass, frankly, I preferred the fried one which does not look very appealing when it came to the table. Lightly flavored with ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce, garnished with spring onion. The white flesh was very fresh and soft yet still firm.
Stir-fried clams with thick oyster sauce wasn't too impressive, but clam meat was fresh and fleshy.
This was also another interesting dish. The tender razor clams were absolutely delicious in a bed garlic lightly flavor broth, garnished with spring onion.
Last but not least is steamed prawns served with a soy wasabi dipping sauce. These steamed prawns were fresh and sweet. It doesn't get any fresher than that. If you're looking for exquisite fresh seafood in Su Ao Yilan, I really recommend this restaurant.
FuMei Seafood Restaurant
No.111, Haibian Rd., Su-ao Township, Yilan County