Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sara House

Sara House is a European food restaurant located at Tienmu Taipei near by Diplomatic Quarter. We had a dinner here a few days ago. Its a very cozy european atmosphere. My husband he did like the foods, they also served afternoon tea and a whole day set menu.
Garlic bread
Onion soup
Norwegian smoked salmon plate
Baked esgargot with garlic sauce
Roasted lamb chop with mint apple jelly sauce
Grilled beef tenderloin with cepes sauce
Roasted Sara short rib wit garlic
Sweet desserts: cheese & chocolate cake compliments with your selected drinks.
Sara House also their best here is the TIRAMISU.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Din Tai Fung Taiwan

We visited Ding Tai Fung Sogo branch in Tienmu Taipei for the first time ever and we was certainly not disappointed. The design of interior of the restaurant it was so simple, that's not important. The food it was so delicious. The waiters & waitresses very friendly and carefully professional. We try their foods as many you can see the menu in any chinese restaurants anywhere in Taiwan like: Shrimp fried rice, pork dumpling, shrimp & pork wanton with spicy sauce, shrimp & pork shio mai, vegetable also can cooked this at home, drunken chicken, chinese pork steak but we didn't like it so much. Not  so good comparing to another pork steak food store near by in Guangfu Road here in Hsinchu,  some layered of sweet steamed rice. But the foods absolutely yummy specially their dumplings or xia long pao. Din Tai Fung also famous for tourist another choice of our list for chinese restaurants, I definitely will come again especially picky eaters like you & myself.
The dumpling makers:
Din Tai Fung Foods:
Drunken chicken
Stir fry vegetable
Chinese pork steak
Xiao long pao
Shrimp & pork wanton with spicy sauce
Shrimp & pork shio mai
Layers of sweet steamed rice.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro

Oktoberfest at Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro in Tienmu Taipei. We don't hesitate today to join the last celebrations of Oktoberfest party for the Germans & none Germans and Taiwanese community, we want to have a chance a great of experienced the Oktoberfest event. While Munich starts the Oktoberfest from September. Micheal Wendel extends the fun from Oct 8-25. The setup at Wendel's includes a long table just like in a traditional Bavarian tent during the Oktoberfest. And costumed German servers for Barvaria & local Taiwanese waiters & waitresses, bring over German beers & as well the German delicious authentic German dishes. The atmosphere it was invited full of fun and many of us enjoyed the chorus of the drinking beer 'Ein Prosit' to be sung a glass of beer in hand. We order some of the very traditional german meals such as: Pork knuckle, grilled chicken, condon blue, bratwurst, some salads & drinks, last but not the list is the desserts. At last I found again the same apple strudel that I have in Maredo restaurant beside Munich Frauenkirch Church in Munich Germany. And it becomes one of my obsession since then.
Oktoberfest musical band
Now it comes to the German foods:
The potato horseradish soup with watercress (Die kartoffel meerrettich suppe mit brunnenkresse)
Wendel's gourment salad (Gourment salat)
Appetizer (Aperitif) Smoked salmon with potato and bread with toppings.
German style bratwurst
Haxen (Pork knuckle)
Condon blue
Grilled chicken (Gegrilltes huhn)
I don't remember the name of this yummy desserts. But is made of different kind of berries, cooked until become jam or jelly textures but trust me is very delicious.
The sweet yummy thing that I die for. I'd had this apple strudel in  any restaurant in Taipie like Baumanns Kaffee, Kaffee Amadeus, Sound Kaffee, but Wendel's are still the best.
I'm the only person who ordered this coffee (Wendel's machiatto)
If you wanna try the authentic german foods you should try first the Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro located at No.5 DeXing West Road, Tienmu Taipei.
or visit their website:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trattoria Pizzeria SABATINI Taipei

Trattoria Pizzeria SABATINI Taipei quieter ambiance and dining style of Italian cuisine. We had a dining experienced here last thursday Oct 22, my husband take an off day just to spent a special lunch date for 2 of us, while our kids on school. Most of the time we go out with our 2 children every weekend. But we don't expect it has a limit to ordering anykind of their menu during lunch time. They offer a selection of set menu starts from bread & butter, appetizer, soup, main course, accompany with any selection of red wine(Antica Osteria Rosso) & white wine (Batasiolo Moscato d' Asti) and ended at the dessert on that moment with gelato vanilla with chocolate brownie and anykind of your choice of drinks. The foods in SABATINI is quite not so bad. But on my opinion & basis on our experienced we prefer Bellini Kitchen also near by on this area in Chunghsiao E. Road Taipei.
*Dining Tables*

*The Foods*
"Soup of the day" Pumpkin soup (Zucca zuppa)
Salad of the day
Seafoods spaghetti (Spaghetti frutti di mare)
*And for the main course*
Marinated roasted beef (Marinata di manzo)
Pan-seared salmon with creamy mushrooms (Salmone scottato con crema di funghi)
Sweet desserts & compliments of coffee (capuccino & latte)
SABATINI is located at
11F, SOGO No.300, Chunghsiao E. Road, Taipei City, Taiwan
or Visit their website: