Monday, October 26, 2009

Din Tai Fung Taiwan

We visited Ding Tai Fung Sogo branch in Tienmu Taipei for the first time ever and we was certainly not disappointed. The design of interior of the restaurant it was so simple, that's not important. The food it was so delicious. The waiters & waitresses very friendly and carefully professional. We try their foods as many you can see the menu in any chinese restaurants anywhere in Taiwan like: Shrimp fried rice, pork dumpling, shrimp & pork wanton with spicy sauce, shrimp & pork shio mai, vegetable also can cooked this at home, drunken chicken, chinese pork steak but we didn't like it so much. Not  so good comparing to another pork steak food store near by in Guangfu Road here in Hsinchu,  some layered of sweet steamed rice. But the foods absolutely yummy specially their dumplings or xia long pao. Din Tai Fung also famous for tourist another choice of our list for chinese restaurants, I definitely will come again especially picky eaters like you & myself.
The dumpling makers:
Din Tai Fung Foods:
Drunken chicken
Stir fry vegetable
Chinese pork steak
Xiao long pao
Shrimp & pork wanton with spicy sauce
Shrimp & pork shio mai
Layers of sweet steamed rice.

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