Monday, May 16, 2016

Village Cafe 村落餐廳

As we always go to Nanlioa Harbor for seafood. We always pass by to this restaurant from appearance outside the restaurant it doesn't seem to be inviting and offer a good food. Some saying said 'Don't judge the book by its cover.' We stopped to this restaurant last Mother's day since all the restaurants in  this area are full. Me and my husband are very hungry and its over 2 p.m and haven't eat anything. I guess we missed the lunch time. We were greeted with a women holding a baby I assumed is the owner of the restaurant. We were seated at second floor, after we place our order. We were doubt that maybe the food is not that delicious than we expect. When the food was served were so surprised by how good everything was! It was of the best Spanish restaurant in Hsinchu. And the next weekend, we went back to this restaurant together with my 2 kids.
As for the decor: Village Cafe is a two-story restaurant with simple wooden table and chairs with artistic decoration on the wall of candy bird. You will be surprised where you can find art? There was even a short wine list you can buy in a shop for a whole bottle or a glass of wine to match your dish.
Lemon granita  I am not a big 'cold icy drink' fan, but these were very good, and will be a great addition for a hot summer very refreshing.
Tortilla had reasonable texture was a comforting blend of egg and potato pieces.
And I love the chorizo with chickpeas has deep with a sweetness smoky taste of paprika and coriander.
The calamari it takes me back home, it has the same taste and flavor of squid adobo simply cooked in vinegar, garlic, onion and black pepper. It very fresh and tender without chewiness.
The garlic shrimp the most fresh shrimp tapas we ever had.
The beef stew serve with mashed potato, superbly tender and juicy in some simple mustard and red wine sauce.
They serve a nice and freshly bake warm bread to dip the sauce with other tapas dishes.
As for the main course; Personally we intended and opted to go for Paella called Paella Valenciana. I called this paella de marisco. I was told from someone in Spain paella Valencia is cooked in chicken with green vegetable like green beans and that is for sure. I always cooked pealla at home for my family. And this seafood paella was delicious very impressive chef who ever cook this paella dish.
Squid paella cooked in squid-ink. This rice was cooked entirely in squid-ink, and the saltiness comes from the ink itself a very natural flavour, but I still felt it was a bit over salty for me. However, its really good! 
Clams in pasta its really good to taste the clam sauce infused so deeply in the pasta.
And for the dessert, they only serve cake roll nothing to be Spanish, I am not a fan of just cake and cream. However it was moist and strong in flavor of raspberry. Overall: Discovered that Village Cafe is an epicure's delight featuring everything from tapas to paella pans. I would recommend to try this restaurant if you are visiting Nanlioa.
Village Cafe 村落餐廳
No.199, Nanliao St. Hsinchu City
Tel No: 03-5366672