Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shinbashi Yakiniku

Shinbashi Yakiniku is a Japanese grilled restaurant located at the middle of GuangMing Road Chupie City Hsinchu County. This a la carte style restaurant offers top quality fresh ingredients with genuine and  amiable service from the wait staff  is still consistent in its efficiency and promptness. The decor is interesting as well, they have a sort of boat table where you must remove your shoes to sit around or  proper table and chair. It looks smaller from the outside but the inside is very spacious with 2nd floor divided dining sections. The open grill stands in the middle of the dining table where you control the barbecuing part.
This is not our first time here we used to order the Nikujaga-Japanese beef and potato stew and eat together with rice; A home-cooked style and thinly sliced of beef with cut potatoes, the taste of nikujaga will be a pleasant surprise. The potatoes are soft and flaky, and the onions thick and chunky, it's a little sweeter than regular stews thou it' a great combination with steamed plain rice.
We ordered a plates of various wagyu beef meats and seafood. The quality of beef is still superb, and the beef was slightly frozen and unseasoned but still very fresh.
Thinly sliced of beef sirloin
Beef rib eye
Beef tongue
We got 2 order of marinated chicken in miso flavor
Fresh mushrooms served with miso sauce.
Bacon in asparagus roll
Fresh salmon belly
Assortment of seafood.
Thinly sliced of pork seasoned with shichimi togarashi.
When cooking the meat and seafood on the grill, you can cooked the way you like it- rare, medium rare, medium well or until how you like it done.
Miso dipping sauce; Since everything is cooked little by little at the table. Yakiniku is always dipped in the miso sauce can be added with paste of garlic,soy sauce, scallion, shichimi togarashi and other spice as you like.
Green tea ice cream plus sweet red bean are great!
A combination of crushed walnut and plain white ice cream in black sugar sauce it was amazingly good.
This complementary dessert is free for everyone is a combination of sticky black rice and coconut cream. Not the most appetizing dessert but yummy nonetheless, it’s not too sweet which is nice thou.
The place is super busy all the time was packed everytime when we were there and service at least for ordering is smooth, and you may want to make reservations on the weekend. The food will come quickly once your order has been taken. I recommend this place if you're not a big fan of Yakiniku.
Shinbashi Yakiniku (新橋燒肉)
277, GuangMing 1st Rd, 1F, Chubei City, Hsinchu County
Contact No: 03-5520158

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Europeanize American Restaurant

I was recently pleased to find a restaurant near by on our area. That place is Europeanize American Restaurant that there was something for everyone could all enjoy in fantastic homemade burgers, steaks, fajitas, salads, risotto and pasta dishes.
There is always room for a bar with character where you can dine well with plasma televisions are on display for you to watch some t.v shows any time of the day or night and the restaurant is all those things, a stylish modern place with a good beer and an array of pub food that goes beyond the usual boundaries. 
We order a chicken ceasar salad it was very tasty and serve fresh, I did like it actually.
So then we had a plates of crisp potato fries for our side order. It covered in elevated ingredients of gravy meat sauce with cheese that will make your favorite. The fries and gravy matched perfectly.
I order my favorite bacon cheese burger with french sauce. The burger comes on a buttered and toasted brioche bun with bursting flavorful juices that is always fresh and unexpectedly delicious.
Look at that? The bacon stuffed cooked in light and soft texture are absolutely delicious! They are much better than traditional burgers, because as the cheese melts it makes the meat really tender and juicy along with the sauce.
The platter also comes with two quality of healthy sliced and fresh vegetables served with very crispy french fries and ketchup sauce.
We also tried the Chicken fajitas, the chicken meat was served on a sizzling iron plate with onions, chopped thinly lettuce and peppers. I will say the chicken was the best part, but it was not as good as I remembered it, but still flavorfull.
It came with grated cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes salsa, sliced avocado. The meals are assembled as you move down the line of ingredients, and you can customize your fixing. Experiment with the garnishes to create your own flavor on your tortilla with or w/out meat and shredded ingredients, you can have that.
The corn tortillas served along with this dish.
 Salmon burger
The salmon full of light flavors and raw veggies are balanced with refreshingly crunchy cucumber, fresh lettuce, tomato and creamy mayo sauce with ketchup that adds a sassy tang.
Refreshing drinks include the main order.
I got an iced coffee was very bland! Food was great but most annoyingly we had to wait for more than 30 minutes to get our meals. It was not a busy mid-day. When we arrived it was empty of customer until we left the restaurant and the service was very slow. But surely I would love to come back again because of the burgers was so fresh, juicy and delicious and definitely something I would recommend everyone try at least once, but don't expect for a large of selection of soup they only offer a soup of the day/dessert only.
European and American Restaurant (歐風美式餐廳)
No. 279, Chung Hsiao Road, Hsinchu City-beside RT Mart
Contact NO: :03-5711155
Europeanize American Restaurant Info
11/24/2011 This place is closed

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sound Kaffee Österreich

The Sound Kaffee is an Austrian restaurant, decorative in both modern and contemporary classic design it's very attractive inside with marble topped tables. Initially attracted to the sight was accompanied by crystal lighting red and gray comfortable chairs. Cold or hot drinks are served with the right utensils of good quality. The silverware and plates and the presentation of the food are professional, caring, sophisticated, and as a place for relaxing and enjoying food and wine. First went in here again because we was craving these pastries and coffee. We used to get at a Austrian cafe weeks ago and figured it was worth. I used to come in for the apple strudel. It was substitute comfort food after a Austrian mini tour. It's totally relaxed inside with a definite Austrian cafe feel to it.
The coffee shop also has an extensive menu which serves up a variety of meals and beverages with dishes served with soup, chocolate gift box,  ice creams and  Austrian wines, I suggest to try a shot of ice wine.
Applestrudel served with vanilla ice cream drizzle with chocolate sauce. It's so hard to control and  I couldn't resist not to have this on our table. The pastry dough was soft and the filling was spiced perfectly, much way up better during on the first visit half year ago. I raise a cup of coffee to you and say cheers for improving your strudel.
Mount choco it was covered in a rich chocolate ganache topped with white chocolate and thinly biscuit, drizzle with fruit sauce. This was so chocolicious and my son actually licked clean the chocolate left on the plate.
Kaiserschmarrn which is puffy and filled with raisins and almonds, then cut into pieces, sprinkled with icing sugar and served with plum sauce. It's very good but quite filling, we have that sometimes at the Austrian restaurant in Hohensalzburg Fortress.
However my husband a bit disappointed since this is one of his favorite Austrian sweets and he was expecting for the same taste in the castle restaurant in Salzburg. Nonetheless is still acceptable!
Vienna iced coffee, temptingly rich hot coffee and fluffy whipped cream. No matter what point of the whole drink is a drink engraved silver plate brought to accompanied by the chocolate just mentioned, and not only delicious and beautiful.
Wiener Melange (hot) a half espresso, half hot frothy milk.
Kids had both the hot steamed milk with dark chocolate bar.
"Maria Theresia Schokolade" A sip of this deliciously creamy and smooth glass of hot chocolate milk. Feels like the holidays when you drink hot chocolate don't you think? For the hot milk, mix it up with an Austrian chocolate bar for a drink that tastes as decadent as it sounds. You’ll be on cloud nine while sipping this hit sweet sensation. 
"Chocolate cheese cakes" I recommend to try some of this cute little cakes look amazing a small piece is more than enough.
Apple and chocolate fruits tart
If you have a sweet tooth, there are plenty of Austrian treats to satisfy it. Thou the price is a bit higher than the coffee shop we visited in Salzburg and Vienna, but their desserts are so yummy, and they offer items that you probably won't see anywhere else in Taiwan. I would probably to visit again  for noon time the Sound Kaffee or Kaffee Amadeus at least once a month.
Sound Kaffee
Sogo Dept. Store B1, No.246-1, Sec. 1, Dunhua South Road
Daan District Taipei City
敦化南路一段246號B1, SOGO敦化館
Contact No: 02-87716390

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bacco Tapas

Located within the Far Eastern shopping center side alley. The Bacco Tapas is decorated mainly in red, plus a little baroque style of decoration, the beautiful atmosphere of subtle and restrained and decent ambience.
We went here on last Saturday for lunch. And we've been looking for a nice authentic Spanish meals. And found this place on our first visit in Teppan Izakaya. The moment you enter the restaurant you feel the vibrant walls are decorated with beautifully striking portraits and collective photos of the owner who lives and learned to cook the Spanish cuisine. After we were seated, we were presented with some free pickle tiny cucumber, olives and onion, nicely spiced and a great start to a wonderful meal. We ordered some tapas and paella to share.
Tapas over bread: Smoked salmon in yogurt honey sauce with red wine vinegar was probably what blew us away, very fresh and delicious! I recommend to try this tapas on your table but each piece is worth NT$ 100.
Shrimp with asparagus was garlicky in a saucily sauce.
Meat balls are my favorite in this restaurant were airy at once, and dressed just enough in that same sweet rich tomato sauce, with garlic aioli and was lacking of flavor.
Deep fried spicy chicken are coated with a tempura like light batter with a touch of pepper, then served with a honey mustard sauce. Giving the right balance of slightly sweet and slightly spicy taste.
We tried the deep fried calamari, but it taste like Taiwanese flavor.
After our tapas the soups was arrived and is good to share with 2 people. The fisherman's soup was fragrant and delicious, with sweet vegetables, fresh seafood clearly remain in the taste buds though it needed to add more salt.
Pumpkin soup with scallops was fairly creamy.
Traditional Paella with big shrimps, fresh mussels, clams, squids, chicken meat and sausage, is for the main course. This is the medium size serving that's meant for 4 people. When you order the paella, the waitress will ask if you want it to be cooked a bit longer. We choose to cooked not too soft or hard and is not raw just balanced the firmness of the rice. The paella was excellent and cooked in browned coloured, as far as I know the traditional seafood paella it suppose to be golden yellow colored of saffron, paprika or a few sliced of tomato, green peas and bell peppers. I just though maybe been forgotten to add the other ingredients but delicious nonetheless.
Traditional Spanish Flan-leche flan was light in sugar, nice and creamy, topped with caramel, a dollop of ice cream.
Warm chocolate cake, inside a thin yet firm fondant shell, and drizzle with red cherry sauce and a scoop of ice cream. This was beyond amazing! Absolutely the best way to end an incredible meals.
Espresso coffee serve with Moorish almond meringue.
Overall, it's a nice restaurant with a variety of tapas to choose from. The services were good, but the food was a bit pricey though! but delicious. This is definitely the best Spanish restaurant in Taipei. Ole! lo que una buena comida, recomiendo este restaurante para aquellos que buscan una comida auténtica español. I can't believe I speak Spanish XD. I was so happy at this point and great food does that to me.
Bacco Tapas
265 Tun Hwa-Dunhua South Road Lane 7, Taipei City
Contact No: 02-2739-1128