Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This little sweets shop is right off of the Sheraton Hotel Hsinchu at Guangming 6th Rd Chupie. We stopped in to see what kind of sweets that were offered and were more than pleasantly surprised to find not only a great chocolate shop. Schokolake shop has a very finest Taiwanese made chocolate specialities.
 When you step inside this little shop, you are greeted with the aroma of fresh chocolates. As you browse through their menu treats, your mouth will water just as you look at your options. You can choose from fresh churned ice cream, hot or cold milk shakes-coffee-tea chocolate drinks, waffles, cakes and and hand made chocolates. Each item is fresh made with Schokolake finest ingredients. We ordered a chocolate cakes and waffles with ice creams and got what turned out to be one of the richest chocolate sweets we had so far after our vacation in Europe.
The decor is very cozy, with few tables around the shop for people to sit and enjoy their treats. One thing! There really isn't enough seating table and if you go on a busy day, you won't be able to sit and enjoy your treats inside the store.
 Handmade chocolate gift box
Normandy chocolate mouse cake, combining a flourless chocolate sponge with bitter chocolate mousse was really creamy.
Classic opera chocolate mousse cake, fine heavily cocoa bitterness, smooth, moist and lusciously rich in sweetness flavour.
Waffle with chocolate and caramel sauce, the simple combination of thick crusted waffles served fresh  and drizzle with decadent chocolate and caramel is simply divine.
Chocolate waffle serve with a large scoops of ice cream, you can choose any two ice cream flavours you like.
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Cafe machiato latte
Hazelnut caramel coffee
I find this little shop to be pretty reasonably priced, considering its location and there are a number of items you can choose from and the quality is very high. The chocolate is so much nicer than most other products at the supermarket. If you are a chocoholic this is one place you do no want to miss,  If you are on a strict diet, skip it!
Schokolake Hsinchu Branch
No.109 Shengli Road Section 1, Chupie City Hsinchu County
Contact No: 03-6586992

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