Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bacco Tapas

Located within the Far Eastern shopping center side alley. The Bacco Tapas is decorated mainly in red, plus a little baroque style of decoration, the beautiful atmosphere of subtle and restrained and decent ambience.
We went here on last Saturday for lunch. And we've been looking for a nice authentic Spanish meals. And found this place on our first visit in Teppan Izakaya. The moment you enter the restaurant you feel the vibrant walls are decorated with beautifully striking portraits and collective photos of the owner who lives and learned to cook the Spanish cuisine. After we were seated, we were presented with some free pickle tiny cucumber, olives and onion, nicely spiced and a great start to a wonderful meal. We ordered some tapas and paella to share.
Tapas over bread: Smoked salmon in yogurt honey sauce with red wine vinegar was probably what blew us away, very fresh and delicious! I recommend to try this tapas on your table but each piece is worth NT$ 100.
Shrimp with asparagus was garlicky in a saucily sauce.
Meat balls are my favorite in this restaurant were airy at once, and dressed just enough in that same sweet rich tomato sauce, with garlic aioli and was lacking of flavor.
Deep fried spicy chicken are coated with a tempura like light batter with a touch of pepper, then served with a honey mustard sauce. Giving the right balance of slightly sweet and slightly spicy taste.
We tried the deep fried calamari, but it taste like Taiwanese flavor.
After our tapas the soups was arrived and is good to share with 2 people. The fisherman's soup was fragrant and delicious, with sweet vegetables, fresh seafood clearly remain in the taste buds though it needed to add more salt.
Pumpkin soup with scallops was fairly creamy.
Traditional Paella with big shrimps, fresh mussels, clams, squids, chicken meat and sausage, is for the main course. This is the medium size serving that's meant for 4 people. When you order the paella, the waitress will ask if you want it to be cooked a bit longer. We choose to cooked not too soft or hard and is not raw just balanced the firmness of the rice. The paella was excellent and cooked in browned coloured, as far as I know the traditional seafood paella it suppose to be golden yellow colored of saffron, paprika or a few sliced of tomato, green peas and bell peppers. I just though maybe been forgotten to add the other ingredients but delicious nonetheless.
Traditional Spanish Flan-leche flan was light in sugar, nice and creamy, topped with caramel, a dollop of ice cream.
Warm chocolate cake, inside a thin yet firm fondant shell, and drizzle with red cherry sauce and a scoop of ice cream. This was beyond amazing! Absolutely the best way to end an incredible meals.
Espresso coffee serve with Moorish almond meringue.
Overall, it's a nice restaurant with a variety of tapas to choose from. The services were good, but the food was a bit pricey though! but delicious. This is definitely the best Spanish restaurant in Taipei. Ole! lo que una buena comida, recomiendo este restaurante para aquellos que buscan una comida auténtica español. I can't believe I speak Spanish XD. I was so happy at this point and great food does that to me.
Bacco Tapas
265 Tun Hwa-Dunhua South Road Lane 7, Taipei City
Contact No: 02-2739-1128


La Famme Bonita said...

Parece delicioso y me encanta tapas también.

Con un cordial saludo,
La Famme Bonita

Alimentos Se Encuentra said...

What would it taste like without saffron? Usted es de España o América Latina?