Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Europeanize American Restaurant

I was recently pleased to find a restaurant near by on our area. That place is Europeanize American Restaurant that there was something for everyone could all enjoy in fantastic homemade burgers, steaks, fajitas, salads, risotto and pasta dishes.
There is always room for a bar with character where you can dine well with plasma televisions are on display for you to watch some t.v shows any time of the day or night and the restaurant is all those things, a stylish modern place with a good beer and an array of pub food that goes beyond the usual boundaries. 
We order a chicken ceasar salad it was very tasty and serve fresh, I did like it actually.
So then we had a plates of crisp potato fries for our side order. It covered in elevated ingredients of gravy meat sauce with cheese that will make your favorite. The fries and gravy matched perfectly.
I order my favorite bacon cheese burger with french sauce. The burger comes on a buttered and toasted brioche bun with bursting flavorful juices that is always fresh and unexpectedly delicious.
Look at that? The bacon stuffed cooked in light and soft texture are absolutely delicious! They are much better than traditional burgers, because as the cheese melts it makes the meat really tender and juicy along with the sauce.
The platter also comes with two quality of healthy sliced and fresh vegetables served with very crispy french fries and ketchup sauce.
We also tried the Chicken fajitas, the chicken meat was served on a sizzling iron plate with onions, chopped thinly lettuce and peppers. I will say the chicken was the best part, but it was not as good as I remembered it, but still flavorfull.
It came with grated cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes salsa, sliced avocado. The meals are assembled as you move down the line of ingredients, and you can customize your fixing. Experiment with the garnishes to create your own flavor on your tortilla with or w/out meat and shredded ingredients, you can have that.
The corn tortillas served along with this dish.
 Salmon burger
The salmon full of light flavors and raw veggies are balanced with refreshingly crunchy cucumber, fresh lettuce, tomato and creamy mayo sauce with ketchup that adds a sassy tang.
Refreshing drinks include the main order.
I got an iced coffee was very bland! Food was great but most annoyingly we had to wait for more than 30 minutes to get our meals. It was not a busy mid-day. When we arrived it was empty of customer until we left the restaurant and the service was very slow. But surely I would love to come back again because of the burgers was so fresh, juicy and delicious and definitely something I would recommend everyone try at least once, but don't expect for a large of selection of soup they only offer a soup of the day/dessert only.
European and American Restaurant (歐風美式餐廳)
No. 279, Chung Hsiao Road, Hsinchu City-beside RT Mart
Contact NO: :03-5711155
Europeanize American Restaurant Info
11/24/2011 This place is closed


hsinchu said...

I believe this is a newly open restaurant in Hsinchu town.

Anonymous said...

I thought this is all about us with mixed cultures of Spaniards and under occupation of Americans. Did you miss the food in Pampanga Cabalen?