Monday, May 16, 2016

Village Cafe 村落餐廳

As we always go to Nanlioa Harbor for seafood. We always pass by to this restaurant from appearance outside the restaurant it doesn't seem to be inviting and offer a good food. Some saying said 'Don't judge the book by its cover.' We stopped to this restaurant last Mother's day since all the restaurants in  this area are full. Me and my husband are very hungry and its over 2 p.m and haven't eat anything. I guess we missed the lunch time. We were greeted with a women holding a baby I assumed is the owner of the restaurant. We were seated at second floor, after we place our order. We were doubt that maybe the food is not that delicious than we expect. When the food was served were so surprised by how good everything was! It was of the best Spanish restaurant in Hsinchu. And the next weekend, we went back to this restaurant together with my 2 kids.
As for the decor: Village Cafe is a two-story restaurant with simple wooden table and chairs with artistic decoration on the wall of candy bird. You will be surprised where you can find art? There was even a short wine list you can buy in a shop for a whole bottle or a glass of wine to match your dish.
Lemon granita  I am not a big 'cold icy drink' fan, but these were very good, and will be a great addition for a hot summer very refreshing.
Tortilla had reasonable texture was a comforting blend of egg and potato pieces.
And I love the chorizo with chickpeas has deep with a sweetness smoky taste of paprika and coriander.
The calamari it takes me back home, it has the same taste and flavor of squid adobo simply cooked in vinegar, garlic, onion and black pepper. It very fresh and tender without chewiness.
The garlic shrimp the most fresh shrimp tapas we ever had.
The beef stew serve with mashed potato, superbly tender and juicy in some simple mustard and red wine sauce.
They serve a nice and freshly bake warm bread to dip the sauce with other tapas dishes.
As for the main course; Personally we intended and opted to go for Paella called Paella Valenciana. I called this paella de marisco. I was told from someone in Spain paella Valencia is cooked in chicken with green vegetable like green beans and that is for sure. I always cooked pealla at home for my family. And this seafood paella was delicious very impressive chef who ever cook this paella dish.
Squid paella cooked in squid-ink. This rice was cooked entirely in squid-ink, and the saltiness comes from the ink itself a very natural flavour, but I still felt it was a bit over salty for me. However, its really good! 
Clams in pasta its really good to taste the clam sauce infused so deeply in the pasta.
And for the dessert, they only serve cake roll nothing to be Spanish, I am not a fan of just cake and cream. However it was moist and strong in flavor of raspberry. Overall: Discovered that Village Cafe is an epicure's delight featuring everything from tapas to paella pans. I would recommend to try this restaurant if you are visiting Nanlioa.
Village Cafe 村落餐廳
No.199, Nanliao St. Hsinchu City
Tel No: 03-5366672

Friday, April 29, 2016


PINOCOCO Italian Restaurant , one of the best in terms of Italian food. And the food speak volume you get what you pay for it is quite fresh and delicious. And its my family top choice Italian Restaurant in Taiwan. Each time we come here the menu is different but some they keep the same dish. As for the decor: I love the overall design of this restaurant its very modern and spacious, it can be good for either larger groups or small romantic dinner date. We were here to set a toss to my daughter that she completed her achievement and she is admitted in any University school she registered and the results of her TOEFL score. 
For appetizer, first was the minestrone and pumpkin soup which was just the simplest soup.
As for the salad and appetizer was the melon and prosciutto drizzled with caramelized balsamic vinegar was one of my favorite starter.  
Seafood salad was a-pan seared fish  with crispy outer skin, grilled squid and large shrimp and mix fresh vegetables. It was light one with simple flavors of vinaigrette sauce.
Next is the spicy garlic shrimp absolutely delicious always our favorite tapas dish.
As for the main course: We opted to order the margherita pizza definitely has the freshest and the most purest pizza. 

I got the large shell pasta in simple tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese. I'll never get tired to order this dish each time we dine here. The ingredients are fresh, the tomato sauce is just right and so flavorful.
Spicy black pasta with langoustine or large shrimp form Argentina was a top notch.
Spaghetti alla carbonara, the lovely creamy sauce with a slight saltiness of the bacon and perfectly cooked pasta dish.
The osso buco in a bed of saffron rice. My husband share with me to try the taste. He thought it was good but not outstanding.
As for the drinks & desserts; It was a kiwi smoothie, grape juice, wild berry tea, hot milk tea. (no image)
A tower of mini strawberry tart.
Very delicious chocolate opera cake. 
Layer strawberry crepe. PINOCOCO is very good in all meanings! Great food great atmosphere great service! Definitely we always come back and recommend to everyone who is looking for a great Italian food.
273  Gongyi Road, Taichung, Taiwan
Tel No: 04-2258-1455

Monday, April 11, 2016

Japoli Mitsui Outlet Park

A newly open Italian Restaurant and its located at the 2nd level of Mitsui Outlet Park, and can easily see the Japoli for people who flock the outlet mall. We thought the restaurant was very comfortable, light and airy, great open bright eating area with nice modern touches. We heard many outstanding reviews and its own and run by Japanese and our expectation also high. This restaurant serves of array Italian dishes: Pizza, Pasta, Grill! 
As for our  dining experienced, we tried the mixed tapas appetizer, was a prosciutto, smoked ham, omelette, focaccia, avocado, a small cup of savory deep fry meat served with sliced spanish onion and greens. It was simply nice thou, the tuna in tomato with pickle cucumber, capers and onion is very familiar. If you have eaten the local tuna can food with sweet tomato sauce it taste similar. You just add the pickle cucumber, onion and mixed all together and stir  with capers. There you have it!
The soup of the day was a onion soup. This is watery and tasteless onion soup we ever had.
The margherita pizza was perfect and delicious.
And for the pasta we order 2 shrimp and zucchini spaghetti. Its too heavy in oil.
The crab spaghetti in tomato sauce was simply delicious. Only the pasta it cooked a bit soft.
And for the dessert; We had a Tiramisu was bland there's no any coffee and liquor taste to it!
I simply cant resist the crepe suzette, and this is one of my favorite french sweet dessert. The crepe suzette serve with orange and dollop of ice cream. This is the worst crepe suzette we had by far. The orange sauce was just a orange juice, the ice cream was tasteless, there is no sugar or sweet flavor. We didn't eat either: our server (waiter) it seemed he didn't suprised when he collect our plates in our table. It disappointed, the crepe was submerged in fresh squeeze of orange juice.
Also we had a cup of Guetemala coffee and I cant say anymore. All in all the food some are great and some are unexpected. The crepe suzzete is tasteless, the pasta need a bit of seasoning or salt. The food served quickly, staff are helpful, environment was clean.
Japoli 義大利餐酒館
Mitsui Outlet Park
No. 356, Section 1, Wenhua 3rd Rd, Linkou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Monday, April 4, 2016

T.G.I Friday's Gloria Outlets

Since not that much restaurants in Gloria Outlets. This is the best restaurant by far and its located at the  corner of ground floor. First impressions; As we entered the restaurant, we found the signature of this dining place. Wooden with red leather sofa, slogans and posters adorned the walls. The restaurant is very spacious, the decor was as usual, it is casual dining sophisticated modern touch and yet exceptionally well done. The divide between restaurant or the grill and bar works well. There is also a outdoor dining for someone who are smoking.
Moving on the menu; We decided to try their garlic and basil bruschetta a slightly a bit cold nevertheless it was delicious with the hint of caramelise balsamic vinegar.
We also try the tropical splash shrimp salad its simply refreshing.
Since Friday's are well know for various of drinks and cocktails. We choose a non alcoholic drinks; A strawberry lemonade crush without red bull, triple berry smoothie, and coke zero.
For the entree; We order the Bacon cheeseburger served with fries it was huge!
Net up is the Championship barbecue ribs with sauce at the top, compliment with additional sauce. I choose the rib eye steak with mushroom sauce, serves with grilled vegetables and mashed potato.The ribs was delicious and my steak was excellent; nice and season and flavorful.
When you order the grill menu. You can have the grilled lobster tail for additional NT$490. And this is my favorite part. The lobster was very fresh, sweet and tender, nice season as well.
And for the finale, we had the mocha mud pie pops. Our server was excellent her smiling feels comfortable talking at her. The dishes are decent size though and the prices are still high.
T.G.I Friday's GLORIA OUTLETS 華泰名品城
No. 189, Chunde Rd, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Tel No: 03-287-0878

Monday, March 28, 2016

Kua ‘Aina

I have been away and stop writing my blog for 3 years. Just though I have to come back and share my experience dining at Kua Aina. Besides the original restaurant in Hawaii. Kua Aina has 1 branch at the Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou District New Taipei. We tried this place before shopping, its our first time to try Kua Aina, although were not a kind of burger hunters.
This burger restaurant does not have a large drinks selection is more like fast food store. And with several additional sandwiches, a choice of breads and that's it.
Me and my husband had the same order. We had the pineapple burger its was juicy.
And for my son he had a bacon burger as well. The thinly fries are crisp somehow it reminds me the potato snack Pik-NiK.
The brulee pancake made our day! It was deliciously sweet and succulent. I would love to come by again and try their sandwiches and avocado burger. If you want something different from Mc Donalds or Burger King, Mos Burger etc.etc but still fancy something American inspired, clean and very fresh ingredients, I will recommend Kua 'Aina.
Kua 'Aina Burger
Tel No: (02)2606-8663
No. 356, Section 1, Wenhua 3rd Rd, Linkou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan