Friday, April 29, 2016


PINOCOCO Italian Restaurant , one of the best in terms of Italian food. And the food speak volume you get what you pay for it is quite fresh and delicious. And its my family top choice Italian Restaurant in Taiwan. Each time we come here the menu is different but some they keep the same dish. As for the decor: I love the overall design of this restaurant its very modern and spacious, it can be good for either larger groups or small romantic dinner date. We were here to set a toss to my daughter that she completed her achievement and she is admitted in any University school she registered and the results of her TOEFL score. 
For appetizer, first was the minestrone and pumpkin soup which was just the simplest soup.
As for the salad and appetizer was the melon and prosciutto drizzled with caramelized balsamic vinegar was one of my favorite starter.  
Seafood salad was a-pan seared fish  with crispy outer skin, grilled squid and large shrimp and mix fresh vegetables. It was light one with simple flavors of vinaigrette sauce.
Next is the spicy garlic shrimp absolutely delicious always our favorite tapas dish.
As for the main course: We opted to order the margherita pizza definitely has the freshest and the most purest pizza. 

I got the large shell pasta in simple tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese. I'll never get tired to order this dish each time we dine here. The ingredients are fresh, the tomato sauce is just right and so flavorful.
Spicy black pasta with langoustine or large shrimp form Argentina was a top notch.
Spaghetti alla carbonara, the lovely creamy sauce with a slight saltiness of the bacon and perfectly cooked pasta dish.
The osso buco in a bed of saffron rice. My husband share with me to try the taste. He thought it was good but not outstanding.
As for the drinks & desserts; It was a kiwi smoothie, grape juice, wild berry tea, hot milk tea. (no image)
A tower of mini strawberry tart.
Very delicious chocolate opera cake. 
Layer strawberry crepe. PINOCOCO is very good in all meanings! Great food great atmosphere great service! Definitely we always come back and recommend to everyone who is looking for a great Italian food.
273  Gongyi Road, Taichung, Taiwan
Tel No: 04-2258-1455

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