Tuesday, April 27, 2010

油桐花坊 Tung Lodge

This fresh fragrance of the forest, away from the city hustle and bustle good to relax enjoy the day. "Tung Florist" tung blossom tree in the open-air cafe and restaurant is the most fascinating - romantic breezes blowing flowers, birds came to listen to the trees. See mountains, watching the morning fog, static and dynamic composition between the rich and moving beauty.
A brown line of the building stands in the woods it is "Tung Florist" B & B  and build in Barvaria-German style on my opinion.
Tung flower is used to symbolize Hakka mythology and mythic consciousness.
Here are providing meals, steak, afternoon tea, simple meals are priced around NT$680  with unlimited salad, drinks soup except cake but also 10% service charge.
Grilled salmon in bed of unfamiliar sauce
Grilled sirloin steak 
Grilled chicken with rosemary
Braised pork Hakka style
The foods it was disappointed only the sirloin steak and braised pork are most noteworthy and do not be fool with a nice presentation, they even provide the dish with painted tung flowers. But the environment with none polluted air is the best part on this place.
油桐花坊 Tung Lodge
Gonguan Miaoli County
Contact no: 037-220-788

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prego-Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel of Prego Italian restaurant in the Hsinchu area, a five-star restaurant that some price is resonably but for some are too expensive. I am particularly fond of the reason it is because i'm celebrating my 36th birthday today. We dine here for sometime at the Promenade section a buffet style. Since we lost our interest eating a eat all you can, and we always go for a single dining experienced.
For about NT$888 at night  be attached of a whole set meal, or you can order your main course on ala carte menu and just add NT$300 include the soup, salad, dessert-coffee or tea.
Dining guests can enjoy with long strips of bread, biscuits and the taste of hand here is really great!
Mixed salad of chicken meat, mozzarella cheese and smoked salmon in balsamic vinegar, olive oil and capers sauce.
Marinated mussel and olive oil with pumpkin in herb
Potato soup with sweet pepper
Pumpkin soup
Grilled beef tenderloin in marina style with grilled salmon with garlic, parsley and olive oil sauce, it taste good but cannot be called amazing.
Beef fillet in red wine sauce
Rissoto came, the waiter will push the dining cart with a huge of parmesan cheese, asking if we would add  more sauces or cheese powder, then mixed the rice in front of us.
Then the waiter he carefully combine the risotto rice and goose liver. This is one of the best main dish we ever had at Prego. The truffle risotto with pan seared goose liver is marvelous, I strongly recommend to try this one if you are planning to dine here.
The margarita pizza such as ordinary pizza there is nothing so special comparing the other margarita pizza we ever had.
Tiramisu was lovely simply but delicious!!!
 Panna cotta
Of course, when eating dessert items can be coupled with the enjoyment of coffee or tea.
In short, Hsinchu Ambassador Prego Italian restaurant is the Mediterranean cuisine of choice, some food are delicious, the night it was great, very peaceful and not so many customer on ordinary day.
Prego-Ambassador Hotel
9 Floor, No 188 Chung Hwa Road, Hsinchu City

Monday, April 19, 2010

山中傳奇 Legend of the Mountains

Legend of the Mountains, a dining place that lets you enjoy the beauty of the mountains view of the Shenghsing Station, its unique architectural style station house, more tremendous and cultural significance, so that customers  may enjoy the mountains, food, while experience of railway interest.
To me the architectural design of this place is more likely a Japanese style. There are few common pleasures as enjoyable as happy hour to watch the people below the railway and the beauty of the white flowers sourrounded by the mountain during the season of tung blossom.
Tung hua (Tung blossom)
The most tiniest train I ever seen and as it seemed people they really had fun riding this little machinery.
As we enjoy our afternoon, we ordered some cakes and I had a raspberry cake.
Chocolate cake
Cheese cake
Chocolate train cake
Coffee latte
Mamba coffee
Fragrant jasmine tea
Legend of the Mountains
Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
苗栗縣 三義鄉 勝興村36-9號

Cha for Tea

Before we go to Sanyi to see the Hakka Tung Blossom we decided to go to Ten Ren Tea - Cha for Tea at the main branch in Jhunan (Chunan) for our lunch. Ten Ren is situated at freeway 1 exit Toufen.  The food quality has a certain level, good service with large space and the environment it was neat and clean. The other area of the restaurant have shops and museum. If you are headed to North or South its a good place to relax and to enjoy the food with tea flavor and deliciously than I imagine.
Tea brewed  with chopsticks is common dining presentation in any Chinese restaurants.
Oriental beauty flavored steamed buns with pork
Long-ging green tea flavored shu-mai with shrimp, the shu mai compared with those in heavy oil but this shu mai is much less fat and oil. The figure seems to be re-coated with mixed zhenjiang vinegar sauce, the overall taste can be immediately elevated to the level of fresh, is delicious.
Green tea jade tofu served with salted duck eggs and ham soup with rolls cooked with tea, it is a good taste of light dishes.
Pu-erh flavored beef
King's tea flavored pork
Pouchong steamed cabbage
Green tea flavored wontons noodles
Pu-erh flavored beef with noodle
Tea flavor pan fried beef dumpling
Tea flavor wanton soup
Raspberry mousse
Green tea mango mousse
Rasberry tea
Bubble tea ( Pearl milk tea)
Cha For Tea
No.422, Zhonghua Rd.,Jhunan Township, Miaoli County
Contact no: (037)696-088