Sunday, April 11, 2010

La Bretagne

Wuchuan Parkway Taichung is one of the most popular locations for diners, you may find a lots of restaurants some shops stand side by side on this area. After a day trip to ching -shue flower farm and market, we decided to have our dinner at the Pumpkin house but it's full book, and check  the La Bretagne and there is 2 more table available for the whole family. Although were familliar at Wunchuan and we been this place for many times, and so we had our dinner last saturday at La Bretagne.
The decoration inside is very carefully, visitors want to see every corner of clever surprises, although the exact design of the decoration of the French countryside, but have their own independent characteristics of each block, the entire becomes too much store design element.
Furnished the entire layout of the restaurant is like the countryside, although I like simple style of decoration, but the comparison is more warm and comfortable country style garden.
I am amazed that the other bottle compartment design of the second floor, empty bottles can be translucent glass partitions not only the effect of another style of European wine cellar.
The decor here is rustic in traditional European gothic style, colored glass window, wooden tables-chairs, green walls and a green wine bottle wall lamp complement the interior design with a great effect and delightful to the eye.
They even had a piano and allowing you to sit and play a music it doesn't bothered to them not unlike the other restaurants they only used for a decoration.
La Bretagne offers a variety of excellent meals from southern France and other European regions. Our meal that starts at the appetizer a 3 small bites of tapenade.
Before our salads came, the staff will served you this pure orange and tomato juice.
Tomato basil buffalo mozzarella cheese-served with olive oil, pine nuts and basil vinegar and well beautifully serves on your plate.
Bretagne seafood salad-serve with French garlic mustard dressing and Naples olive oil vinegar dressing.
Provence pine nuts vegetable and fruit salad-served with cherry honey lemon yogurt dressing.
Nicoise tuna potato salad-served with french celery dressing and hazelnut herbal dressing.
Pumpkin cream soup with smoked bacon
Sherry crab mushroom cream chowder soup
French chicken shredded mushroom soup
The soup accompanied with fresh oven baked bread with dipping sauces
The best part is that you get to choose from several toppings and dipping sauces, pure olive oil, red wine vinegar, cappuccino coffee cream and sweet butter.
*Main Course*
Rossini fillet steak with goose liver terrine served with red wine pepper sauce
Florence roasted cherry duck breast fillet served with orange cherry herbal sauce and apple. I think just season with more salt and it was more flavorful.
Versailles mushroom terrine baked chicken served with pine nuts, basil and red wine sauce
Pan-roasted fillet steak served with sea salt and red wine pepper sauce.
Chocolate mousse
Crepe suzette with hazelnut ice cream
Royal sherry bread pudding
Cream brulee
Hot orange tea
Kiwi juice
The food here is also done to great effect specialy the salads are very healthy, well accommodation and friendly staffs as well the environment. Perfect to set for a date or any special occasions.
La Bretagne
No. 63 Wuchuan 4th St, Taichung City
Contact no: 04-2378-0489


Pret said...

The dining area looks so wonderful as well the foods.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting place to dine for.

kiki from taipei said...

I agree very beautiful place to dine for that anyone wants to visit. Therefore its so far away from taipei and consume so much gasoline and time. But just incase we go for sightseeing in mid part. I will visit this place. Hey thanks for the details just continued to post all of this interesting place to dine. I will check out your updated more often.

piglet said...

Looks so yum! Why Do I always read food posts before lunch!

Klang said...

Lhen happy earthday and happy birthday and beautiful restaurant with delicious foods too. Makes me hungry right now.