Monday, April 19, 2010

山中傳奇 Legend of the Mountains

Legend of the Mountains, a dining place that lets you enjoy the beauty of the mountains view of the Shenghsing Station, its unique architectural style station house, more tremendous and cultural significance, so that customers  may enjoy the mountains, food, while experience of railway interest.
To me the architectural design of this place is more likely a Japanese style. There are few common pleasures as enjoyable as happy hour to watch the people below the railway and the beauty of the white flowers sourrounded by the mountain during the season of tung blossom.
Tung hua (Tung blossom)
The most tiniest train I ever seen and as it seemed people they really had fun riding this little machinery.
As we enjoy our afternoon, we ordered some cakes and I had a raspberry cake.
Chocolate cake
Cheese cake
Chocolate train cake
Coffee latte
Mamba coffee
Fragrant jasmine tea
Legend of the Mountains
Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
苗栗縣 三義鄉 勝興村36-9號

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