Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prego-Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel of Prego Italian restaurant in the Hsinchu area, a five-star restaurant that some price is resonably but for some are too expensive. I am particularly fond of the reason it is because i'm celebrating my 36th birthday today. We dine here for sometime at the Promenade section a buffet style. Since we lost our interest eating a eat all you can, and we always go for a single dining experienced.
For about NT$888 at night  be attached of a whole set meal, or you can order your main course on ala carte menu and just add NT$300 include the soup, salad, dessert-coffee or tea.
Dining guests can enjoy with long strips of bread, biscuits and the taste of hand here is really great!
Mixed salad of chicken meat, mozzarella cheese and smoked salmon in balsamic vinegar, olive oil and capers sauce.
Marinated mussel and olive oil with pumpkin in herb
Potato soup with sweet pepper
Pumpkin soup
Grilled beef tenderloin in marina style with grilled salmon with garlic, parsley and olive oil sauce, it taste good but cannot be called amazing.
Beef fillet in red wine sauce
Rissoto came, the waiter will push the dining cart with a huge of parmesan cheese, asking if we would add  more sauces or cheese powder, then mixed the rice in front of us.
Then the waiter he carefully combine the risotto rice and goose liver. This is one of the best main dish we ever had at Prego. The truffle risotto with pan seared goose liver is marvelous, I strongly recommend to try this one if you are planning to dine here.
The margarita pizza such as ordinary pizza there is nothing so special comparing the other margarita pizza we ever had.
Tiramisu was lovely simply but delicious!!!
 Panna cotta
Of course, when eating dessert items can be coupled with the enjoyment of coffee or tea.
In short, Hsinchu Ambassador Prego Italian restaurant is the Mediterranean cuisine of choice, some food are delicious, the night it was great, very peaceful and not so many customer on ordinary day.
Prego-Ambassador Hotel
9 Floor, No 188 Chung Hwa Road, Hsinchu City

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