Monday, April 19, 2010

Cha for Tea

Before we go to Sanyi to see the Hakka Tung Blossom we decided to go to Ten Ren Tea - Cha for Tea at the main branch in Jhunan (Chunan) for our lunch. Ten Ren is situated at freeway 1 exit Toufen.  The food quality has a certain level, good service with large space and the environment it was neat and clean. The other area of the restaurant have shops and museum. If you are headed to North or South its a good place to relax and to enjoy the food with tea flavor and deliciously than I imagine.
Tea brewed  with chopsticks is common dining presentation in any Chinese restaurants.
Oriental beauty flavored steamed buns with pork
Long-ging green tea flavored shu-mai with shrimp, the shu mai compared with those in heavy oil but this shu mai is much less fat and oil. The figure seems to be re-coated with mixed zhenjiang vinegar sauce, the overall taste can be immediately elevated to the level of fresh, is delicious.
Green tea jade tofu served with salted duck eggs and ham soup with rolls cooked with tea, it is a good taste of light dishes.
Pu-erh flavored beef
King's tea flavored pork
Pouchong steamed cabbage
Green tea flavored wontons noodles
Pu-erh flavored beef with noodle
Tea flavor pan fried beef dumpling
Tea flavor wanton soup
Raspberry mousse
Green tea mango mousse
Rasberry tea
Bubble tea ( Pearl milk tea)
Cha For Tea
No.422, Zhonghua Rd.,Jhunan Township, Miaoli County
Contact no: (037)696-088

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