Tuesday, April 27, 2010

油桐花坊 Tung Lodge

This fresh fragrance of the forest, away from the city hustle and bustle good to relax enjoy the day. "Tung Florist" tung blossom tree in the open-air cafe and restaurant is the most fascinating - romantic breezes blowing flowers, birds came to listen to the trees. See mountains, watching the morning fog, static and dynamic composition between the rich and moving beauty.
A brown line of the building stands in the woods it is "Tung Florist" B & B  and build in Barvaria-German style on my opinion.
Tung flower is used to symbolize Hakka mythology and mythic consciousness.
Here are providing meals, steak, afternoon tea, simple meals are priced around NT$680  with unlimited salad, drinks soup except cake but also 10% service charge.
Grilled salmon in bed of unfamiliar sauce
Grilled sirloin steak 
Grilled chicken with rosemary
Braised pork Hakka style
The foods it was disappointed only the sirloin steak and braised pork are most noteworthy and do not be fool with a nice presentation, they even provide the dish with painted tung flowers. But the environment with none polluted air is the best part on this place.
油桐花坊 Tung Lodge
Gonguan Miaoli County
Contact no: 037-220-788

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