Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shinbashi Yakiniku

Shinbashi Yakiniku is a Japanese grilled restaurant located at the middle of GuangMing Road Chupie City Hsinchu County. This a la carte style restaurant offers top quality fresh ingredients with genuine and  amiable service from the wait staff  is still consistent in its efficiency and promptness. The decor is interesting as well, they have a sort of boat table where you must remove your shoes to sit around or  proper table and chair. It looks smaller from the outside but the inside is very spacious with 2nd floor divided dining sections. The open grill stands in the middle of the dining table where you control the barbecuing part.
This is not our first time here we used to order the Nikujaga-Japanese beef and potato stew and eat together with rice; A home-cooked style and thinly sliced of beef with cut potatoes, the taste of nikujaga will be a pleasant surprise. The potatoes are soft and flaky, and the onions thick and chunky, it's a little sweeter than regular stews thou it' a great combination with steamed plain rice.
We ordered a plates of various wagyu beef meats and seafood. The quality of beef is still superb, and the beef was slightly frozen and unseasoned but still very fresh.
Thinly sliced of beef sirloin
Beef rib eye
Beef tongue
We got 2 order of marinated chicken in miso flavor
Fresh mushrooms served with miso sauce.
Bacon in asparagus roll
Fresh salmon belly
Assortment of seafood.
Thinly sliced of pork seasoned with shichimi togarashi.
When cooking the meat and seafood on the grill, you can cooked the way you like it- rare, medium rare, medium well or until how you like it done.
Miso dipping sauce; Since everything is cooked little by little at the table. Yakiniku is always dipped in the miso sauce can be added with paste of garlic,soy sauce, scallion, shichimi togarashi and other spice as you like.
Green tea ice cream plus sweet red bean are great!
A combination of crushed walnut and plain white ice cream in black sugar sauce it was amazingly good.
This complementary dessert is free for everyone is a combination of sticky black rice and coconut cream. Not the most appetizing dessert but yummy nonetheless, it’s not too sweet which is nice thou.
The place is super busy all the time was packed everytime when we were there and service at least for ordering is smooth, and you may want to make reservations on the weekend. The food will come quickly once your order has been taken. I recommend this place if you're not a big fan of Yakiniku.
Shinbashi Yakiniku (新橋燒肉)
277, GuangMing 1st Rd, 1F, Chubei City, Hsinchu County
Contact No: 03-5520158

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