Friday, September 10, 2010

Teishoku 8

It was dinner time after we refreshed ourselves, but we were too lazy to go out to search for food. So we try again the Teishoku 8, the whole decor of the restaurant is pretty authentic wooden furniture. The reason is called fresh set meal because the store serves only eight type of food can be selected. The  bento set meal deal was very reasonable and cheap indeed. The set meal for just NT$200 at this price, it was quite good value and came with chawanmushi- steamed egg, korean pickles, some fruits, miso soup and white pudding with brown sugar sauce as a desserts, and unlimited self service of rice, soup and a variety of sauces. We ordered a pork chop, eel, chicken, beef with rice and about 15 minutes at the point of a meal was already serving on.
'Beef Teriyaki ' the beef pieces were very tasty, with the slightly sweet. Though it could have been slightly more tender!
Grill eel was the comfort dish that was expected with well cooked fluffy rice. The fish was soft and moist and the marinade did over power it.
The chicken teriyaki on the other hand was quite average. But the meat was well cooked and tender than I would have liked too.
Tokantsu with cheese it doesn't seem greasy at all and the cheese filled ones are nice too!
We ordered a side dish of grilled fish and chicken yakitori. And came away surprised at how flavorful the simple looking whitefish was. Which is a whole butterflied grilled trout. The fish's oily flesh had excessive salt but mostly it was juicy and had some nice charred parts too. A squeeze of lemon juice are great over rice.
'Chicken yakitori' succulent chunks of chicken on a skewer are grilled with salt or basting sauce. And one of my favorite part on this restaurant, love these extra-tasty chicken skewers.
 Korean pickles
Overall, we were pretty happy with this casual dining Japanese restaurant. If you dont want to spend too much time and money thought the foods is pretty good too. This is a good spot for comfort food, and would recommend it for that.
Closed and move to A. Mart in Gongdaowu Hsinchu City.
Teishoku 8 定食8
No. 738 Section 1 Kuangfu Road, Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5750115

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