Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Garden Restaurant

Green garden restaurant with spacious room is an ideal way to relax in the rural environment of the European country style within peaceful, green surroundings you can contemplate the street life going by at the corner of Jinggou Road. A very girly friendly restaurant is place can enjoy an afternoon tea and delicious plate or a gastronomic menu. And most of the customer here are ladies it was a slightly crowd. According to their customers review this restaurant is specializing in exquisite taste. But for us it's just average meal.
We started with their soup a vegetable soup which was basically a minestrone.
The pumpkin soup was just bland and it wasn't as flavorful.
Similar to other Italian restaurant, we were treated to a nice assortment of bread.
Our antipasto has arrived and I try the baked vegetable with cheese. This particular portion was a bit small but a solid dish nonetheless.
The waldorf salad is basically an apple salad, with smoked chicken some fresh vegetable and salad dressing without walnut.
For the main course, so we had a pork knuckle with mustard sauce, one of their best dish in this restaurant. It was served with sauerkraut, the crispy skin crackles as the knife goes through it and the meat was really well flavoured and tender. The portion is good enough to share a absolutely we loved it!
I order the baked bacon and fish with pesto sauce, a combination of white fish wrapped in bacon and asparagus baked-steamed in white wine. At first glance it looks very appealing. I quickly attacked a portion of the fish. I guess the fish it has a strong taste of rice wine instead of white wine. And the pesto sauce it didn't matched with the fish and which turned out to be the worst part of it unfortunately!
The spaghetti with smoked chicken in pumpkin sauce, which features sliced of asparagus, was a good size portion that Claire didn’t come close to finishing.
Risotto rice with salmon in cream sauce. The portion, again, was quite generous as it was pure comfort.
I got a cup of cappuccino was okay and the rest of the drinks was disappointed!
So we ended up to apple millefueille, it was  frozen! We don't feel satisfy and we cannot wait to have a drink and sweets at Starbucks. Overall the service is okay and inexpensive, but food it's wasn't great, the only good thing that was good that day was the pork knuckle. If we will return? maybe yes or not!
Green Garden Restaurant( 綠芳園咖啡庭園餐廳)
232 East District, Ming-Zheng Road Hsinchu City
Contact: 03-5339280

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