Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Café Gerstner Vienna Austria

Gerstner is one of the old and well-known coffee and confectionery house in Vienna. They sell good quality coffee and other beverages, hand-made cakes, chocolates and confectioneries, and light meals.
We stopped here for coffee, the location so conveniently just right at main street in Old Town, where stores and tourists fill the area. When we get inside the coffee shop its full of packed of people and it takes time before we get the waiter's attention. But it's worth it! Very pleasant and casual atmosphere too.
The ambience is everything had a classic, A glass counter allowed you a glimpse the pastries and other confectioneries. It is a spacious long narrow place was also brightly lit with extra ornate chandeliers, chairs and tables  and ample sitting area.
While I'm taking about Julie Andrews may reminisce about cream colored and crisp apple strudels, some of my favorite things in Austria. The apple strudel is made of thin dough pastry with lots of filling included rum-soaking raisins, cinnamon and sugar, apples, toasted buttery breadcrumbs, and a sprinkling of nuts.  I'm not sure the exactly ingredients but some in Innsbruck they kept the secret recipe. The strudel mostly it can be serve with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It might be not the best apple strudel we had comparing to the apple strudel at Burgschenke Hohensalzburg in Salzburg. But still delicious, delicious oh Jesus it's delicious! It was just perfect.
Luckily there is Strawberry strudel and this is a new to us, the pastry was nice, just that the pastry were similar to the apple strudel that we had. Theirs are stuffed with lots of sliced strawberry and sweet  mascarpone cream. Surprisingly it still tasted quite nice.
I can't remember the name of this one, I think this is a walnut cake. The wholesome and moist whole wheat sponge is so fragrant from a types of mixed nuts and butter cream. This cake is already so scrumptious, there's something about it! It looks good, it smells good , and tastes even better.
"Truffeltorte" a chocolate truffle butter creme layered of chocolate cake, drenched with chocolate coatings. So scrumptiously delicious!
I ordered an Einspanner, a single strong espresso with whipped cream in a glass. However, habits are hard to break, and I find myself looking for rich coffee more often than not. What's great about this is that it's creamy and decadent, but not at all sweet.  The Einspanner a good coffee in Vienna as you drink, the whipped cream melts and you're left with something delightful.
 Another delightful drink and usually come with ice and whipped cream or an ice creaming topping iced cappuccino, just about perfect for summer.
Charles had choose the Iced chocolate, it was an awesome drink!!! When sipping the creamy chocolate drink, It was truly a great pleasure on both the taste and the creamy frothy ice cream. This is a safe to order item for someone who likes float.
Last but not least! Claire had a "Tasse Heisse Shcokolade" The hot chocolate was excellent and came in a good sized cup.
Vienna is a paradise for coffeeholics! All the cakes and confectioneries at Gerstner looks so temptation and considering that the coffee is really good and the location and atmosphere was great.
Café Gerstner
Karntner Strasse 13-15, 1010 Vienna Austira
Contact No: +4310512 4963


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These sweets, and drinks look so delicious!

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leckere süßigkeiten

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Is one of the famous kaffee haus in Vienna since more than 150 years ago. Nice introduction please visit and read about Viennese sweet lovers;