Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rango Restaurace Plzen CZ

To be honest, we was only trying to find a bite to eat in Pilsen- Plzen. When we heard on our tour guide about the diner in Plzen just in front of our hotel, were going to eat a Czech traditional chicken. Again! we are tired already eating birds meat on this entire trip in Czech Republic. We decided just split off with our guide, and we asked to the counter in the hotel. Which is the best restaurant near by, and she suggest to us the steak house just 5 minutes walking distance from Angelo Hotel. And we headed towards to Pilsen downtown we found Rango just beside the Cathedral.
Most of the Czech restaurants that appear to be on the street level are actually beneath it. This was another cellar like restaurant that seemed very quaint and been here since medieval times. This is a good restaurant with warm atmosphere, you don't think Italian in the Czech Republic, but this will make you change your appetite after eating Czech traditional foods.
Our meal that starts on soup, we ordered 2 kinds of soup, the tomato soup and vegetable soup. The tomato soup with grated parmesan cheese and a dash of fresh parsley which taste little salty and sourish but definitely knock out your appetite.
Vegetable soup was also a good soup. Simple broth with  of chopped vegetables, crouton and a dash of parsley.
Tomato mozzarella cheese with basil, and to the even more initiated as the tricolor. Red, white and green are the exact colors of the Italian flag, is one of the simplest and most delicious salads. Italian Caprese salad, for all its simplicity, is absolutely delicious and endlessly satisfying. And one of my daughter favorite salad.
Prosciutto ham with cantaloupe, hefty slices of sweet ripe melon with fluffy thinly sliced prosciutto. These salty and sweet, super-thin cuts were delicious!
And for the entrees; Charles had a beef fillet steak which his all time favorite meat. It served simple but this will change your mind after a long period eating Czech traditional birds meat.
I got a veal chops in mushrooms and red wine sauce, was tender and extremely juicy along with sauce.
Margherita pizza, the sauce was very different  almost a smokey flavor to it. There was a slight sprinkling of salt on the cheese, but that only heightened its actual flavor which I can only describe but something special.
Gnocchi with tomato was tender with cheese and chewy!
Risotto creamy mushroom, slightly salty cheese which I can describe as deeply milky.
The desserts were good! The classic tiramisu is a balance of flavors of a sweet zabaglione, strong coffee, marsala wine, creamy mascarpone cheese and the dusting of unsweetened cocoa  powder and chocolate sauce. The taste of espresso was very bold, the ratio of the cream to cake was just right.
A short while later! A creme brulee flambe bebee turned up at our table as you can see in the photo above which was nice. It was well soaked in rum!
When my Greek baklava arrived. A sliced of baklava was centered on a plate and then drizzled with two buttery sugar sauce with a kind of nuts that I could not identify. While the baklava was okay and its too sweet for me, it wasn’t great but acceptable.
The service was okay with better attitudes than other place. The foods it wasn't the best Italian meal we had but better than Czech roasted flying birds lol. We thoroughly enjoyed this treat! I highly recommend this restaurant to everybody coming to Plzen and tired of Czech food. And get rid with your tour guide with none good taste of food.
Hotel Restaurant Rango
Prazska 10, 301 00 Plzen, Czech Republic

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Anonymous Vijahero said...

Got the same experienced during my travel in Czech. Czech people they are not friendly & unwilling to help to the tourist. Staffs in the dining place are arrogant. At shops and when you dont buy anything you may feels they feel disappointed on you. One thing dont asked discount from them they wont you to get out on the shops if you dare to asked, ding dang.