Monday, July 12, 2010

El Toro Negro Prague CZ

El Toro Negro at Grand Hotel Praha this place is just under the astronomical clock on the old town. They offer both inside and outside seating tables. There was a black European staff and we asked about the menu that we can have for afternoon tea. He said if we will come inside, he will show to us the price of the menus. My husband reply to this black European waiter we don't need to check the prices. Just give us a nice outdoor table with none smoking area :P. 
We sat outside and had our afternoon break. Though El Toro Negro they are specialized in Spanish cuisine, but we are here for afternoon snack. We ordered a super sweet delicacies here and we had a crepes and ice cream  it was a nice place to relax your feet. As we had to resume our walking tour soon so we asked the waiter for the bill.  I can feel the waiter  was expecting for the tips, we leave the place and a tip on the table.

I order this crepes with mixed berries in caramel milk sauce. Beautiful presentation and gorgeous crepes, they were done to perfection! Especially love any kind of berries, the sauces were great!
Strawberry and blueberry ice cream with forest fruits, decorated with whipped cream. It was so indulgent, with the cold creaminess melting into the fruits sauce.
Chocolate vanilla and nut ice cream topped with eggnog, decorated with whipped cream and hazelnuts. If you like eggnog and nutty crunchy added on your ice cream, you’ll fall in love with this one.
Creamy strawberry ice cream with strawberry fruit salad, topped with whipped cream, it’s simply bliss!
We also ordered hot coffee to be mixed with cold!  and I had the Viennese coffee is known for being very rich, mixed with cream!
Delicious warm cappuccino!
We also order a scoops of blueberry and mixed berries "gelato" it taste heavenly sweet as long as it still exists, and I will not feel guilty one bit about the calories.
As we managed to walk all the way to the market. It caught my eyes this wide variety of colours and shapes of this very fresh mixed berries. Then we realized we have to indulge ouserlves since its rarely to find a packed of mixed berries like this. I adore and loved this kind of fruits but anything made with them is nearly impossible to find in Taiwan sometime. They are so fresh and juicy,,,yum!
This ups our ratio of sweet goodness to filler and makes it a much better experience than our previous days in Prague. You know what! I thought in Czech the desserts were the best compared to main courses. So that's it for today, I have to ended up! I'm watching soccer football as I used through in the hotel before bed time. I just wished Spain will win this time.
El Toro Negro
Staromestske Namestí 481/22
110 00 Praha 1-Stare Mesto, Czech Republic


Anonymous said...

superb colours looks so temptating

Kelly said...

Absolutely mouth-watering! I hope your enjoying your travels!!

<3 Kelly

Anonymous said...

That colours of fruits damned makes me hungry. Your kids are one of the luckiest in the world they just a child they already can travel the globe every year. They also lucky to have a parents like you guys.

boley said...

Y Boley ni ate Arlene, mapa ica pane kang mag biyahe lagi iliwang lugar. Kareng yatang manibat tau Santiago ica mu ing balu me mag around the world. Ing suerte ning tau emi atatasa at susukdan. Muli ca king pascu kanu? Wapin pala lupang manyaman.

kiki from taipei said...

Love the ice cream and good to see your fam, but no newest post lately.