Monday, July 19, 2010

Bergmannskeller Hallstatt Austria

This is the restaurant which is located in the Hallstatt Marketplatz that only can approached by foot, and it really is quite special. The beautiful decor with two dining areas and a third area on the balcony facing the Hallstatt mountains and lake. Bergmannskeller which serves traditional Austrian dishes. The waiters waitresses are dressed in old Bavarian style.
The room was cozy with many authentic touches over several glasses .
We try the Austrian white wine was an excellent, this had very fine fruit sweety, it was quite good with the fish.
This glasses of juice intrigues me! I think it has something to do with the glasses? The glass depicts the typical attire, are that words is used to be for greeting?
That evening, we had soup and entree plus the dessert: We tried Hallstatt fish plate from the lake for four of us. It is simply fresh and wonderful. What makes it great is that the dishes feel like homecooked comfort food. The potato cream soup was creamy and tasty!
Another great table side presentation.  We also had the mixed salad serve with green vegetable, boiled potatoes, green beans with orange cream sauce. And salad is always a favorite of mine, and this one was excellent.
We ordered the main fish from Lake Hallstatt, called Reinanke (trout), grilled to perfection and served with potatoes and decadent butter sauce. Lots of restaurants serve up this excellent fish, simply cooked. Very fresh and delicious.
As for the dessert, we had a balanced portion of sliced marble cake, was dry but also very good, though probably not as good as the strudel or sache torte and nockerl. Overall the dinner was great, the staffs are kind and friendly with warm atmosphere and Hallstatt is a piece of heaven on earth.

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