Friday, July 16, 2010

Lucky Six Salzburg Austria

We were ready for a break from the meat, pickled cabbage, dumpling and stumbled upon this Chinese restaurant. Well, I had never written a review of any Chinese Restaurant we dine in Czech, because we were here about 2 years ago and the food are really appreciated. This place is family owned and run by Taiwanese who lives in Salzburg for 26 years and they serve Taiwanese cuisine. The decoration is typical for Chinese restaurants, with tables and chairs made of solid wood. The slopes of the ceiling was painted in gold. I think it's quite cool. The owner are so overwhelmed and friendly to us, especially if you are from Taiwan. It seems we continue to see the same smiling faces and keep talking in Taiwanese dialect when they brought the food on our table, which makes you feel right at home.
Stewed Hakka Taiwanese pork belly, the gravy is great it is simply delicious especially with steamed rice.
Hakka Taiwanese stir fry tofu, ok a many of you may have this dish! The tofu is unlike anything I've tasted before, and has the texture of Chinese vegan wheat gluten, but even smoother. My reaction to this dish was one of surprise. The sauce seemed to be a type of yellow bean sauce. There were also some mushrooms, carrots, green onions and lots of garlic in there as well. I did find that it was a bit salty but very delicious indeed.
Stir fried prawn with green vegetable, this dish was so good!
Hakka Taiwanese style stir fried broccoli, maybe we had too much meat during our tour in Czech. So we find the stir-fry broccoli really appetizing and slightly tossed with garlic it was crunchy and delicious.
Hakka Taiwanese style stewed Chinese cabbage, at first glance, the stewed Chinese cabbage with dried squid and mushroom looked rather dull. The cabbage was cooked till tender, while the generous addition of other ingredients made the cabbage very flavorful.
The herbal chicken soup, didn't look appetizing but the soup was delicious. The food was perfectly justified by the high quality and taste of Taiwanese cooking style. Definitely  try this place if you're looking for good Taiwan food in Salzburg.
China Restaurant Lucky Six
Eichstrasse 2, 5020 Salzburg Austria

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