Friday, July 16, 2010

Dining at Cesky Krumlov CZ

Satlava had excellent medieval atmosphere. It's in a dungeon, with only candles for light, and meat cooked on an open fire. It's meant to be a tourist draw so it looks all traditional, like you're actually dining in the medieval times.
My husband had tried this dark brown, sweetish with liquorice fruit and caramel flavors. On one sip it tastes like different and I just wanted to stick on my apple juice, but on the other hand it is kind of refreshing.
After we finished the chewy soupy cheese soup. We only have to kinds of choice; grilled beef and pork knuckle, we can not make your own orders at this point and everything had been arranged by travel agency in Taiwan. Either way, it was simply the worst beef fillet with vegetables and boiled potatoes with ricotta cheese, mustard and horse radish sauce. The steak was slightly tougher!
I had a pork knuckle was really kind of old meat I ever tasted (barely edible) and very bland. The food itself we could not fault, the presentation, the texture, flavors. I knew it I was in Medieval times. The taste of all of the foods brings you back in times. Being able to sit in a place and eat the type of foods that were eaten hundreds of years ago
What a relief to find Hotel Dvorak after our medieval meal adventure. For the rest of the afternoon before going to the Austria, we decided to just chill in coffee shop. This hotel is conveniently located directly in the heart of Cesky Krumlov, within easy distance of the castle and chateau. The inside and outdoor decors were rich and elegant. Waiter were polite but seemed aloof. the service was slow.
We ordered  coffee, juices for my kids and a slice of cakes. The sacher torte (cake) to be extremely sweet yet just something moist and flavorsome. The coffee was strong but taste so good, despite the vast amount of sugar and milk.
I don't remember the name of this cake, this cake was lighter in sugar than sache torte. It was around something warm, yeasty and buttery, can we say delicious.

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