Saturday, July 17, 2010

Restaurant Zur Festung Hohensalzburg- Salzburg Austria

Restaurant Zur Festung Hohensalzburg up in the mighty Castle. A traditional location turned into the modern age on the mountain. We found this restaurant by accident as we were looking for a place to eat. The place was packed with Japanese people but there's plenty of room for 4 of us and had a nice sitting table beside the window that we see the magnificent view of the countryside and villages below.
The ambiance of one of the most elegant and atmospheric dining room with wood tables and chairs populate the room while golden light from scattered lamps cast romance. Fine table linens serve as a simple background for authentic Austrian cuisine. Menus are offered in German, Italian and English and Russian to help ease ordering. We had the Austrian local food, as lunch was a slow and somewhat formal affair.
Our meal started with soup, suprisingly  was also very flavorful and delicious. Beef broth with thinly sliced pancakes.
Tomato cream soup with mozzarella crostini
Stockpot festung hohensalzburg with vegetables, noodles, beef marrow dumplings
Cream soup of potatoes with herbal croutons
For the main course it was simply presented, but I assure it was delicious! Wiener schnitzel, escalope of veal  with parsley tomatoes and cranberries sauce
Gratinated steak of pork with croquettes, broccoli vegetables and creamed pepper sauce.
Variety of Salzburger sausages with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.
Spaetzle a kind of very small dumplings with melted cheese.
For dessert we were very fortunate and had 2 different desserts which we shared. No one can resist the famous Austrian sache torte served with whiped cream. The cake itself was sweet, flavor-wise it was very good. Incidentally exactly what we had the last time in Cesky Krumlov.
A very large portion Salzburger Nockerl with raspberry, apricot, rhubarb sauce. That can easily please 2-3 people along with glass of iced coffee were brought to us soon after our lunch plates were removed. The Nockerl is extremely light, almost frothy. It tastes and looks like a cross between a souffle and a meringue. The texture is such that it dissolves in your mouth meaning that you can eat a lot of it. It’s sweet but not sickly. A kind of dessert that  I really wanted to eat for sometime in Austrian restaurant in Taipei.
3 selections of Nockerl sauce.
This tasty egg and  sugar souffle is topped with some fresh fruit sauce, yum!
We order iced coffee and again we were impressed with the generous serving size is almost like dessert. Perfect location, staff were very helpful and the food was great. The views from the room were great.You won't be disappointed! As a tourist you have to go there because of the view.
Restaurant Zur Festung Hohensalzburg
Salzburg Austria


kiki from taipei said...

Look so yummy no more updated post in Taiwan.

Klang Chen said...

Boknay I'll never had a Austrian foods before it looks so delicious punta tayo sa Taipei. Got your new family album in Friendster it seemed you have so much fun in Austria 2010 & Czechkobalka album natin. Ala ng kuwento sayo ang LV pa chanel chanel at hermes na ang interest natin weeeee. At pa shopping shopping nalang sa tabi sa Vienna lolz. Yung kuwento natin sa travel world natin parang Shrek naman yan dialogue natin once upon a time a long time ago in far far away. Saan natin napulot yan lolz uli? By the way wabee at saan ang destination natin sa susunod.

Pret said...

This is a kind of foods that I like to eat and very Austrian and German thing. These are my favorite foods also aflestrudel/apple strudel is one of those my top no. 1 choice.