Saturday, July 10, 2010

Velka Klasterni Restaurace Prague CZ

Situated in one of the Old Town in Prague you will find Velka Klasterni Restaurace, the Old Monastery Restaurant at Strahov monastery in Prague Czech Republic Europe. The interior of this restaurant was bright and yet very old original romanesque or gothic cellars or the peasants hall. This restaurant was recommended by our guide as a good restaurant with Czech food for a decent price.
When anyone is deciding on their restaurant dining options…patios play a huge factor. Surrounded with rose flowers on their garden. Offers a nice setting outdoor tables who wants to eat or drinking beer outside on a gorgeous summer evening.
  Flower on the table
My husband and I, we were was drinking Czech beer, because of well recommendation of our tour guide  again! Though drinking beer is not our habit, since we are in Prague we try their homemade beer. It's interesting that in contrast to, say it taste more like San Miguel beer. We just a few sip on it then focusing on our meal for dinner.
The young waiter brought us some tasty, crusty, chewy and salty fresh baked loaves of bread roll.
Czech soups tend be broths and loaded with rough-cut potatoes and vegetables, quite salty but tasty! 
Four of us we had a traditional Czech foods, the roast pheasant breast with goose liver, potato dumplings, red cabbage. the red cabbage is taste sweet and sour of apples is quite delicious.
 Dumplings stuffed with blueberries, garnished with cottage cheese.
The sweet dumplings for dessert are very good, everything was light and flavorful. I had never tried Czech cuisine before I came to Prague. I have been missing out. The meat dishes are very well prepared and sometimes are swimming in sauces. Their dumplings are great too! I will continued my dining reviews as soon as I  find a time for sometime.
 Velka Klasterni Restaurace
Strahovske nadvori 302, Prague Czech Republic

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