Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burgschenke Hohensalzburg- Salzburg Austria

This is a restaurant nestled in one of the buildings of Fortress Hohensalzburg. The Burgschenke is the name of the great restaurant. The 900 year old restaurant castle located directly above Salzburg’s Old Town. You will have a perfect view there on the valley and offers the appropriate atmosphere.
We sat outside the restaurant and had our order. I've always been fascinated by duke-lords, royal fairy tales. knights and jousting and falconry and the whole mythological wizards and dragons story. Upon on my curiosity so I asked to the staff if I may take a looked inside. It's quite a sight to see a real place like you feel dancing on this room. This restored castle is grand and beautiful with it's long knight's banquet tables and knights of armor on display. Iron chandeliers hang from the ceiling, linen cloth with candles, glasses and sparkling bottle of wines. This castle restaurant provides a massive medieval feast for group of people.
We get thirsty while doing the tourist thing. At first we were only going to have a drink but as we browsed the menu and saw the desserts. It all looked so appealing that we decided to have something to eat as well. I tried the Apple Strudel with vanilla ice cream and it was delicious! And one of my favorite thing in Austria.
We also shared the Kaiserschmarrn  it's very good but quite filling, if you never had this before "kaiserschmarrn" it consists of fluffy pancakes made of lots of eggs, raisins, flour and sugar.. It served thick almost like jam, but the fruits will not fall apart.
Eiskaffeea-iced coffee double espresso in a tall glass with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. First sip on this coffee it taste heavenly refreshing and one of the best iced coffee we ever had, thumbs up!!
Eisschokolade-Iced chocolate  which is a chocolate drink  with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and cookies roll. It's rather filling and can be considered a desert. My kids keep telling us that this was the best  and delicious iced chocolate drink they ever had.
After a whole day tour in the Fortress of Salzburg castle we headed down to the town. And saw the restaurant beside the Mozart house, the staff is the same as they were, from our first visit in Salzburg back in the year 2008. If you are seafood tapas addicted this is great place for you.
 Lobster with herb and butter sauce
Shrimps with garlic and herb butter sauce,,, looks so delicious! I'm drooling while typing my reviews. Overall, it was a very pleasant day in Burgschenke.  Most of the food we ordered were delightful and the service was good, the staff was attentive and pleasant throughout the time.
Festung Hohensalzburg
5020 Salzburg, Austria

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