Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Orea Hotel Bohemia Marianske Lazne CZ

Well we left Prague and towards down to Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne. After listening to the music fountain we headed down the main road and found Hotel Bohemia. We couldn't get enough  on our  lunch, its lousy! Although we are so hungry and consume so much energy during our sightseeing tour. You couldn't eat that much, what a very poor Chinese cooks. 
Old and crystal chandeliers hang elegantly from the high ceiling of the Hotel Bohemia Restaurant. With gleaming tableware and fresh roses spread throughout, the restaurant simply sparkles with natural light. Perfect setting anytime for lunch or dinner and afternoon snack.
Once we were seated, the waiter offer us the menu. Suddenly the meal was brought out immediately.
This is the most depressing of the handful of Czech apple strudel. Once you never had a taste of Austrian apple strudel. The strudel was dry with a little powder sugar on top.
I'm not sure if this is really Bohemian assorted cakes. Although the waiter couldn't really communicate with the tourist like us. The cakes were a little bland and my husband he did not eat that much. To him the cakes were dry but come on, at that point you'd already had a Bohemian taste.
Vanilla ice cream with a hot sauce made from raspberries. I think we had enough ice cream from the very first day in Prague. And for us, it was bland but refreshing in between!
Bohemian peach dumpling, these boiled dough-wrapped whole peaches are absolutely marvelous! It served with a gravy of melted butter and sugar, and cottage cheese. I'm still drooling thinking about it!
A little bohemian cafe latte
Warm cappuccino sprinkle in cinnamon powder. But the milk was not steamed hot enough. Overall, it tasted like an average cup of cappuccino. The waiters have your typical surely Czech attitudes. The price is awesome, plus the portions are ok so you are guaranteed left overs on your table.
Orea Hotel Bohemia
Hlavni trida 100 Marianske Lazne 35301,
Czech Republic

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