Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kajetanka Cafe Prague CZ

As a first time visitor to the Czech Republic I feel like I got a very authentic Czech meal  on our last dinner. Cafe Kajetanka is small, cosy coffee shop located near the main entrance to the Prague Castle. 
The location of this cafeteria  is excellent as is Prague with a lot of very beautiful view from the 2nd floor over Prague. Offers a right spot while sipping an espresso or cappuccino on the rooftop while sneaking the best angle and picturesque through the lens of your camera at the city below . 
The quiet patio has large tables where you can spend meals or afternoon break and plan your visit to the castle next door.
A wooden interior provide for a relaxed ambience.
Viennese coffee with top of whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon powder. The coffee I had was also delicious.
Czech sweet mini cake and pastry also known as babovka or bundt cake.
This one looks quite firm, almost bread-like some of them have a marbled effect.
The Bohemian pork sausages was ok, the meat loaf was garlicky and gamy.
As we walked at the castle hall we found this baked dough are more like small calzone with filling cheese and pepperoni. And it taste unpleasant for us "fortunately." But the coffee at Kajentaka was great!
Kajetanka Cafe
Hradcanske Namesti 11800 Prague 1, Czech Republic

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