Monday, March 22, 2010

Very Thai Restaurant and Bar

On the first time we went in Sogo Tienmu, I saw a very Thai restaurant, its simple, bright decor. Very Thai is owned and same company of Thai Town. Thai cuisine is not only delicious and delicate, it has a strong flavor and offer a two kinds of rice to choose from; Taiwan or Thailander rice.
Spicy Thai chili sauce can access your own spicy taste.
Thai popular dish is the shrimp moon cake, crispy skin is not greasy, with the taste of sweet plum sauce, very tasty. It become one of my favorite for Thailander food and never been failed to have this on our table.
Thai chicken  or it can be pork barbecue serve with satay sauce and sliced of tiny cucumber in spicy, sour and sweet vinegar sauce. The sauce taste great and satay sauce itself is sweet with fragrant roasted smell.
Stir fry spicy beef: With ground beef, basil, garlic, small tomato, chili stir-made some sour flavor to the overall taste is not thin but quite tasty with strong scented smell of basil leaves.
The Thai style sausages are wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves and served with ginger slices, lemon wedges, red onion and chili peppers. But I didn't like that much, I expect it melts on the mouth and I prefer the longaniza.
 Mango pudding
Rubyfruit in coconut milk with crushed ice, is more likely the taste of Filipino halo halo special and very refreshing.
Banana roll with cheese serve with coconut ice cream, another incomparable dish but I strongly prefer the Filipino toron the deep fry banana roll with carmelized sugar. The Thai banana roll are ok but I didn't like the combination of banana and cheese flavor. I guess in every place it has their own version and unique flavor on it. However the dinner was great, the food, environment and the service still above the standard and remind you the Thai Town Restaurant.
Very Thai Restaurant and Bar
Sogo Tianmu, 8F, 77, Zhongxiao N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City
Contact no: 02-28310188

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