Monday, March 1, 2010

日式定食中山道妻籠宿 Naka Sen Do

A Japanese restaurant just stand a few step away from our condominium, I see this place almost everyday to many people eat here for lunch or diner. Naka Sen Do imitates the kind of quick diners you would normally find close to most anywhere near by. The place is very popular, with long queues at peak times so sometimes, I guess. I've never been this place and its our first time in order to save our time before going to see the Vincent Van Gogh  art and painting exhibition in Taipei at National Museum of History. The quality of the food is just average for japanese meals, good tempura, sushi, miso soup. Most things japanese food lover would want for eating on a budget.
We ordered the set meals it served  include the miso soup, vegetable salad, beans, steamed egg, dessert-ice cream is disaster, beverage-probably you don't want to drink it all.
 Claire and her father had their both grill eel it serve with a little amount of rice.
  Charles had a curry pork tonkatsu and it was great, tasty crispy.
The service was reasonably good considering they were so busy. However, if you never go to the place similar like this it might  be your one of your pick. But for us is not that Japanese restaurant we wanted to come by for sometime. And thanks to Amigo Mexican Restaurant for saving our hungry stomach where we ate our diner and it close to the place where they held the lantern festival.
日式定食中山道妻籠宿 Naka Sen Do
Very easy to find just behind the B&Q and A.Mart 
along the Gongdaowu Road (Gongdao5) in Hsinchu city
Tel no: 03-5716768

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