Monday, February 22, 2010

Chianti Cafe

We had driven our SUV car to Pingxi last Saturday to see the first events and releasing the Taiwan sky lanterns. But we will be back on March 6 on the last events. The main event is on Feb 28 and they will release 2,000 pieces of sky lanterns. And we want to avoid traffic restrictions, the roads will be closed in a afternoon on that day which will be overcrowded.
Pingxi it has the biggest festival anywhere in Taiwan, and lighting up a sky lantern to make a wish is one of the  Taiwanese favorite activities. After the sky lantern activities we had a dinner at Chianti Cafe before headed back to Hsinchu.
Surrounding by the garden and sparkling river, hill and mountains, sipping a fragrant coffee or tea. Chianti Cafe is the place with serene a worthwhile and there is no other resturant like this in Pingxi.
This is a great place for families because of its large out door gardens. Although the food is not something that we would liked. 
The name Chianti there's nothing to do with the menu. The set menu is a combination with western and asean style with average taste. But the beverage here are lovely and delightful.
Set meal
Italian herb chicken
On tray,,,very common the way they served in the food court at any shopping center in Taiwan.
Grilled mackerel in Jap's style
Baked salmon lasagna
Chocolate waffle
Hot fruit tea
I will recommend Chianti Cafe in order its hard to find a place to eat in Jingtong Pingxi.
Chianti Cafe
Pingxi Taipei County

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Pret said...

What happen to the lanterns if they fall?