Monday, February 15, 2010

Chamonix Hsinchu Branch

Chamonix is a Western teppanyaki style it transforms after dark into a sparkling seductress. We went here for Chinese New Year and to celebrate my husband new position he got the promotion as a manager on his company that starts a few weeks ago and his not doing assistant manager at all, and for the special evening night "Valentines Day" dinner and to thanks for all the blessing and good opportunity was given to us on our basic daily lives.
Reviews from Taiwan Gourmet: also it should be my introduction, decorated in French style, Chamonix features the tableware, cutlery, and furniture in the colors blue, red, and white. The crystal chandelier gives a touch of romance to the surroundings. Chamonix offers mainly set meals, which include ten dishes from the appetizer, champagne, to the dessert. Chamonix is a part of Wang Steak group.
Our meal that starts on appetizer with 3 small bites, smoked salmon, thin slice of duck breast and shrimp in melon.
And the soups it serve with breads, me and my son had a Cappuccino creamy pea soup
My husband and Claire had their Truffle onion soup.
Fruit salad
Truffle-mushrooms salad
Soft shell crab salad 
Our main entree's are brandy duck breast, grilled short ribs with garlic, 2 order of Catherine steak (sirloin) our Catherine steak quantity is definitely much less than the price, but definitely it was good.
After our main course the staff moved us in the second floor area where everyone's have to eat the last course is the dessert and drink.
Mont blanc
Kids had a Ice cream with hot chocolate sauce
And I had a Champselysees cheese known as panna cotta serve in different sauce.
English scented tea
As soon as we finished our meals, my husband actually surprised me with a new engagement ring. He said he's been wanting to get me a new and bigger one and he did to replace my wedding ring that I lost in Kaoshiung year ago. He was doing canvas and checking this diamond in Taipei 101 and other shopping center in Taipei for almost 6 months. I really was suprised and I said to him you bought this diamond just one click for the price like that! He answered me he wanted me to have this diamond and you deserved it. I'd learned not every sparkling diamond it has the same quality, grade and clarity. It makes me nervous wearing this ring and its almost the same price with a small car. Even I will work for myself for 2 years I can't afford it on my own. But for me to love, caring, respect and to cherish each other that is the best gift and beautiful thing you cannot named the price. And having a partner with kindness on his heart and soul that is the best gift from god I ever had, and given me my 2 precious gems we can't find somewhere else in the mall and that is Claire and Charles. Well the night was fantastic, very skilled teppanyaki chef and attentive management. The food was rather average but the theatrics made up for it. Drinks service was a little slow but we were having so much fun, it was no big deal. However, I will recommend this teppanyaki if you don't want to throw your foods  in the air.
Chupei City Hsinchu
Tel no: 03-657-0648


Pret said...

Wow what a romantic night. If me I don't mind the dinner already, just thinking the diamond in your hand. If someone ask you to make a choice which one you will choose diamond or food?

Insan said...

Pinsan kumusta? May punto ka hindi lahat na nagtapos ng pag-aaral naging successful sa buhay.
Ito yung pinsan ko na nag sacrifice at nag bigay ng mainam na tahanan sa magulang at matulungan sa mga kapatid kahit liniloko ka joke lang no.
Sabi nga nila the more you give is the more you receive the more you want is the more you less that you can get. Kailan pa yaka ikaw uuwi dito big boom news ka sa Santiago iba na talaga ang milyonaryu. Everyone was talking about you here.

Regards: One of your cousin from the Montoya & Mallari family.

addicted lady gaga said...

yummylicious! good girls are goes to heaven bad girls are goes to hell rarararah bad romance!