Monday, February 8, 2010

Cafe Grazie 大潤發忠孝店

My family and I had a dissapointed experience yesterday lunch and re-visiting Cafe Grazie at RT.Mart. Its been a long time since our last visit in this branch. Most of the staff are new and unfamilliar to us. The soup and pizza came out in quick time, and the main meal was next! we inform to the waiter how come our antipasto had been forgotten before serving our main meal's. We had just finished our main mails when our antipasto arrived which kept tempting us.
Unfortunately the dish had nearly been finished at this point, and the head staff who was incharged at the dining area approached and asked us if we can moved ourselves to another table. That they can combine one long table for the next customer, that it's rude! My husband answered her in politely way, we don't want to moved were going to finished and you let us to wait and been forgotten our last course. Usually were not a customer will stay for that long in a table. And we were in rushed hour to finish our meals, afterwards we have to do some shopping and preparations for this coming Chinese New Year. We have been going here for many years and haven't had any problems, so perhaps we came at the wrong time or day.
Me and my daughter were both had a onion soup it was good, and my husband had a minestrone soup and James had his favorite clam chowder soup. I didn't add any photos, since I had photos images on our last visit in Cafe Grazie Sol Hotel.
*Antipasto and Pizza*
Margarita pizza
Grilled squid with basil sauce it was nice and chewy is quite similar with Spanish calamares ala plancha
Grilled spicy chicken skewer
Deep fried catfish with mustard sauce it was nice, if you really like deep fried fish I highly recommend.
Charles always been his favorite appetizer is the deep fried squid.
*Main Meals*
Risotto with squid ink sauce it was very good, very light dish and one of my favorite in Cafe Grazie.
Shrimp doria, the cheese added a good flavor to the risotto.
 Spaghetti Napoletana style with shrimp, the taste was a bit ordinary, but good for lunch.
Pescatora spaghetti, one of my husband first choice on this restaurant.
*Final Course*
Panna cotta with honey orange sauce
Chocolate cake with warm Orange chocolate sauce
Creme brulee it was  pretty good very light and it was a nice touch too.
Hot darjeeling fruit tea and honey apple tea
Since Cafe Grazie in RT.Mart had been gone their old and well trained staff, we still can considered one person mistake its doesn't mean its everyone's fault, as what we see she's not familliar and un-organized. But the food was good thought it much be better than before, we will give it another try. Overall, the portions at Cafe Grazie were quite generous.
Cafe Grazie
No. 300 Chung Hsiao Road, Hsinchu City (RT.Mart)
Tel no: 03563-4255

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