Monday, March 29, 2010

Bellini Pasta Pasta

My family favorite cuisine has always been Italian. We have always been partial to pasta and their pizza. This chain serves up hearty portions of fusion Japanese-Italian pastas and pizzas that are definitely large enough to share. It was a cozy restaurant where, at any given day the service would be present greeting with the customer. The ambience is that of an Italian cafe which is  nice enough with black chandelier, mirrors installed on the ceiling into a romantic modern setting and wall posters picturesque the great place and city of Italy.
Mixed vegetable salad with boiled egg and salami.
Italian garlic bread with chopped fresh tomatoes
Deep fried calamari
We enjoyed the minestrone soup, a beefy tomato broth with potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, etc.
My kids they didn't enjoy their corn soup, it was thick of creamy and taste of heavy milk. We preferred their mushroom soup.
We usually make it a habit to order the margarita pizza and seafood spaghetti. Margarita pizza here the crust is fairly very thin, the sauce is a a perfect balance of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.
 Spaghetti with mixed seafood in tomato sauce very flavorful too.
Risotto with chicken and mixed mushroom serve with cheese and soft boiled egg.
After this large and delicious dinner, we decided to share our dessert. We order this wonderful  tiramisu and   vanilla chesnut tart, it was more than enough for us.
Hot fruit tea
The food and service were excellent as always we come at Bellini Pasta Pasta in fact this is already our fifth times here and we have no any problem.
Bellini Pasta Pasta 
Breeze Center Branch
39, Fu Hsing (Fuxing) South Rd, Sec. 2, Taipei City

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